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    Operation Joint Tiger

    LtCol M. Alexander

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the 15th-


    Operation Joint Tiger is a joint operation that will be held on our fifth weekend (29APR17-30APR17) and will run from 1900 CST to 1900 CST (24 hours).  There will be several units operating in some capacity with us and each other throughout the 24 hour period.  We are looking for 15th members to sign up for slots in rifle, weapons, titan, gator and ACE.  We will very likely be the largest contingent during our time slots and we will need as many sign ups as we can get. 


    Some of the units that will be participating are-

    15th MEU(SOC)

    3CB (British Marine)
    3ID (Army Infantry)
    75th RRC
    R3f (French)
    3Rifles (BAF)
    6AB (BAF)
    Panzerbrigade 16 (German Mech/ Infantry)


    Sign up for this here;


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