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    OP 02-18 OPFOR Issues

    Col Penny

    Attention All Hands,


    'Furious' and 'spitting mad' are phrases that can perfectly encapsulate the response to the OP 02-18 actions, and yet still not even come close to understand exactly how angry very nearly everyone - including myself - were at what occurred that night... or rather didn't occur. Because of this I thought it would be good for you to all understand what happened, and what will be happening going forward for the rest of this deployment.


    OP 02-18 was intended to be the consummate COIN operation. GCE would have been searching the structures that they did, but they would have found something. The intelligence found would have represented very important repercussions to the main story line plot (of which many of you have been grossly under-informed about) and had lasting and damning consequences for our stay on Tanoa. This was directed, however it was failed to be relayed to the Zeus Guide, and thus failed to be executed.


    During your search GCE was intended to take constant harassing fire by local insurgents. This was not a large force. At most there would have been 10 enemies total, but in most occasions no more than a team, constantly stalking GCE and harassing them with small mortars and small arms fire. It would have been frustrating and yet interesting, because it would have been exactly what is encountered in the real world. This was relayed, however it was not executed. Both TFA and TFB experienced, and return, no gunfire at all. In some case no enemies were spawned at all, and in some cases small amounts of enemies were spawned, but in no areas nearby of GCE for them to actually engage and... you know... matter.


    After stomping around the H&S Channels finding out who I was going to fire, or at the very least NJP, the following courses of action are being implemented to ensure a productive and enjoyable Sunday operation is had by all parties:


    1. COIN is done. This is not just because of the storyline, but by know I hope you all understand that COIN in ArmA is not only not fun, but highly difficult to execute without a system like ALiVE - which no one wants to get into. Beyond that almost every here is here for fun and action. COIN Operations provide this for very few people, and that is only those who get to actually operate. The 'vote' held previous to this deployment which showed COIN was heavily favored and wanted prompted the course of action the first few operations of this deployment have taken. You all should know finally see and understand why this is terrible, and why most of our deployments (and all of our successful ones) have been fully kinetic ground wars. This Unit emulates the Marine Corps, but we do not simulate it. Our deployments will be highly kinetic ground wars with focus on action and fun. I hope you all now understand this... we will revisit it in two years when the new blood clamors for it and the old new bloods forget.
    2. The 'chess match' of S-2 versus S-3 is done. The last successful 'chess match' was between MSgt Phillips and I when we were directing operations, however it was less departmentalized and closeted than it is currently. S-2 and S-3 will now be working hand-in-hand to direct the OPFOR and BLUFOR movements to insure a healthy and fun operation. Some of these may be lighter operations than others, but these days of 'oh you moved to an empty square, no enemies there, sorry' are over.
    3. OPORDs and all S-3 movements will be approved by MEU HQ prior to publication. MEU HQ will work hand-in-hand with S-3 to ensure movements are realistic and provide a fun and dynamic atmosphere for everyone. Failure to follow through with this work will result in formal disciplinary action, and possible replacement.
    4. S-2 Intel Reports and OPFOR movements will be approved by MEU HQ prior to publication or enaction. MEU HQ will work hand-in-hand with S-2 to ensure all movements and actions are realistic and provide a fun and dynamic atmosphere for everyone. Failure to follow through with this work will result in formal disciplinary action, and possible replacement.
    5. All Zeus Guides will be reviewed and approved by MEU HQ prior to publication. These guides will be filled with plenty of action, dictating realistic movements of the enemy, and will provide a fun and dynamic atmosphere for everyone. Failure to execute these guides properly will result in formal disciplinary actions, and possible replacement.


    I am further preparing other actions which will dictate next year's deployment. I am not prepared to divulge those actions yet, as they are still in the infantile brainstorming stages, but they could end up involving other units, with our units and other existing on the same universal plane. These will not only involve dynamic story elements all over the world, but open avenues for joint operations with other units during deployment.


    OP 02-18 was beyond unacceptable by the standards and expectations of not only MEU HQ, but every individual in this Unit. It is the last in a string is miscues and lack of execution that starts with MEU HQ. It will not be repeated.


    -Col Penny

    MEU CO

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