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    NJP Changes

    Col Penny

    Attention All Hands,


    We are making some adjustments to the NJP Policy to allow more ability for those able to hand out NJPs. Currently there isn't quite enough.... teeth... to what they are allowed. We are changing this.


    Effective 15JAN17 we are doing away with the scaled deductions based on the administer's billet. The scale will, instead, be done by the offender's rank. The person administering the NJP will be able to deduct a maxmimum of 25% of the difference of CSE/CSO needed from their current rank to the next.


    That's someone complicated, I know, but below I will list out the maximum points allowed to be NJP'd per rank, in accordance with the new promotion policy listed HERE. These NJP maximums will be based only on the Category A points for the sake of simplicity. 


    E-1: 4

    E-2: 5

    E-3: 12

    E-4: 14

    E-5: 21

    E-6: 21

    E-7: 19

    E-8: 15

    E-9: 15


    O-1: 11

    O-2: 15

    O-3: 16

    O-4: 17

    O-5: 16

    O-6: 16


    Additionally, with the new Pay Grades HERE, those administering NJP will be able to deduct up to 25% of one's monthly pay. For simplicity's sake, here is the scale (this is subject to change):


    E-1: $40

    E-2: $45

    E-3: $47

    E-4: $52

    E-5: $57

    E-6: $62

    E-7: $72

    E-8: $103

    E-9: $127


    O-1: $76

    O-2: $88

    O-3: $101

    O-4: $115

    O-5: $133

    O-6: $160


    Any questions regarding this new policy may be directed here.


    Again this is effective following WSD, when the new promotion policy takes effect. Until then the current NJP policy remains in place.


    -Col Penny

    MEU CO


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