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    Leadership Grade Levels

    Col Penny

    Attention All Hands,


    Over the years of our existence there has always been confusion on the various levels of leadership, to whom is related to whom, etc. etc. This becomes confusing when announcements or policies are written as something referring only to the infantry levels, or are so long and convoluted so as to attempt to include all levels.


    In order to alleviate this we are introducing 'Leadership Grade Levels'. If this sounds confusing, think of this as Pay Grade (E-1, E-2, O-1, etc.). All policies and announcements will [attempt to] be using reference to these leadership grades from here on out.


    L-1 - Team Leaders

    Fire Team Leader, Team Leader, Mortar Squad Leader, Tank Commander, Crew Chief, Element Leader


    L-2 - Commanders

    Squad Leader, Detachment Commander, Platoon Corpsman, Senior JTAC


    L-3 - Section Leader
    Weapons Section Leader, AAV Section Leader


    L-4 - Senior Leaders
    Platoon Sergeant, Platoon Commander, MSOT Team Chief, MSOT Team Leader, Company Corpsman


    L-5 - Group Leaders

    Company Commanding Officer, Company Executive Officer, Company First Sergeant, Company Gunnery Sergeant, ACE Commanding Officer, ACE Executive Officer, ACE Operations Officer


    L-6 - Battalion Leadership

    MEU Commanding Officer, MEU Executive Officer, MEU Sergeant Major, Battalion Corpsman


    Any questions, or requests for clarifications, or if I missed anything, they may be directed here.


    -Col Penny

    MEU CO

    Edited by Col Penny

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