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    Force Reconnaissance Changes

    Col Penny

    Attention All Hands,


    The past years we have proudly housed some of the most elite warriors of the Armaverse in our Force Reconnaissance Platoon. Their excellence has been marred, however, by the unit's failure to live up to them in flexibility, ability, understand.. and well just plain old ArmA. We are going to be taking steps to change this, starting... well a long time ago, but today is the most abrupt and aggressive of any effort.


    We will be stepping somewhat out of realism for the sake of gameplay/mindset for this. This may not sit well with some people. Let me preface this all by saying this change, while not exactly realistic, plays to the gameplay that is allowed (and sometimes forced) by ArmA. Force Reconnaissance and its intended missions do not work very well in the schemes of ArmA, nor in the way we have attempted to employ them (at least not well). Therefore, we will be changing the idea of these missions by changing Force Reconnaissance.


    Effective 17 October 17, the Force Reconnaissance Platoon is dissolved.


    In its place we will be activating, and attaching to the 15th MEU Realism Unit, Alpha Company, 1st Marine Raider Battalion (MARSOC).




    With this change, our new MARSOC section will be able to complete some of the same tasking such as:


    Direct action
    Special reconnaissance
    Information operations
    Security force assistance
    Preparation of the environment
    Maritime Interdiction Operations

    And many new mission possibilities such as:


    Foreign internal defense
    Unconventional warfare

    Special/Clandestine operations
    Counter-drug operations


    MARSOC structure will also be drastically changed. Instead of the platoon structure, they will be organized as follows:


    1st Marine Raider Regiment (1st MRR)

         1st Marine Raider Battalion (1st MRB)

              Marine Special Operations Company (MSOC) - Alpha
                   Marine Special Operations Team (MSOT) - One


    Tactical Element One
    Team Leader - MSgt
    Element Leader - SSgt
    Assistant Element Leader - Sgt
    RO/JTAC - Sgt
    SARC - HM2
    Critical Skills Operator - Cpl
    Critical Skills Operator - Cpl
    Tactical Element Two
    Team Chief - GySgt
    Element Leader - SSgt
    Assistant Element Leader - Sgt
    RO/JTAC - Sgt
    SARC - HM2
    Critical Skills Operator - Cpl
    Critical Skills Operator - Cpl


    This is a mix between our current organization and the real MSOT organization, and will allows us the flexibility called for in our operations.


    All current Force Reconnaissance Marines in our unit will be re-designated with the single MOS 0372 Critical Skills Operators, with the exception of Captain Roddy, whom will retain his rank as Captain and assume the Team Leader position, and hold the MOS of 0370 Special Operations Officer. All fully qualified members of the MSOT will be awarded the Marine Special Operator Insignia. This insignia will replace all current Active Duty and Reserve Force Reconnaissance Marines who are to be transitioned. All former Force Reconnaissance Marines, whether they are now in a new billet or Retired, will maintain the Combatant Diver Insignia and Navy and Marine Corps Parachutists Insignia, and the previous Force Reconnaissance MOS.




    Each Element SARC will hold the NEC 8403 Fleet Marine Force Reconnaissance Independent Duty Corpsman. They will continue to be authorized to wear two of the three badges: Combatant Diver Insignia, Navy and Marine Corps Parachutist Insignia, or Fleet Marine Force Enlisted Warfare Specialist Device.


    The callsign for the MSOT will be 'Roughneck'.


    Training and Selection for this new section will remain largely unchanged for now, though this may eventually happen.


    Operationally many of you may not see a change. But this will be a drastic move for our new MSOT Marines, and we hope a welcome one. Information about Selection is not being released yet, but it may be soon. Discussions about any possible Selection (and whether or not it will be approved this year) are still going on. That information will be released very soon, however.


    Welcome, MARSOC. Improve upon the tradition of our Force Reconnaissance Marines in the name of individuals such as First Sergeant Martinez, Major Rittenhouse, and Captain Roddy. Good luck.


    -Col Penny

    MEU CO


    Edited by Col Penny

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