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    DMR Changes

    Col Penny

    Attention All Hands,


    As always here we attempt to straddle the line between realism and gaming, and trying to get at close to realism as feasible. To that end we may have gone a bit far in last year's DMR changes. That is now being changed.


    Effective immediately the DMR policy will be ammended to the following:


    • Platoons are authorized a maximum of two DMR-qualified individuals at any one time. These both are encouraged (though not required) to be in the same squad to act as a spotter/shooter combination during overwatch.
    • The M27 IAR with telescopic sight will continue to be the default and preferred DMR
    • Three M110s will be placed in the company arsenal for use on a mission-dependent basis, with clearance from the Company HQ. These can be distributed in any way Company Command sees fit for the mission (one per server, two and one, or all three on one server). This is not, however, required to be used, and should not be going out in every operation (just as the telescopic sight for the M27 should not be constantly used). Only when the use of the DMR is needed.


    This is another reminder, as well, that the DMR is not a sniper. While it can provide accurate, long-distance fire when needed, it is not a sniper. However there will, obviously, be occasions where sniper-like capabilities are needed and that is why the M110 is being re-added.


    Company and platoon command will be further briefed on this change, as well as the intended usage of the Designated Marksman if they wish. Simply send a message to myself or the rest of MEU HQ and we will be glad to discuss it.


    -Col Penny

    MEU CO

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