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    Challenge Coins

    Col Penny

    Attention All Hands,


    This is a little thing I've been toying with for some time and am now ready to deploy. We will be introducing Challenge Coins to the 15th.


    For those of you who don't know what challenge coins are you can read here for a good summation.


    These are nothing super official, and have no bearing on your membership or standing. They are simply a morale element we will be implementing. This will be visible on your profile in the 'Trophies and Medals' area (trophies and medals because that's the plugin we're using). These will be able to be handed out by anyone who is 'in control' of the section for which the coin represents.


    For sure we will be allowing specific coins for the following sections:


    15th MEU

    India Company - Rifle

    India Company - Weapons

    Battalion Aid Station

    AAV Platoon

    Tank Platoon


    Military Police







    Certain levels of leadership (Company HQ, ACE HQ, MEU HQ) will also be able to create their own personal coins to be able to handed out to individual members. Coins will be automatically given only to the leader of the section in 'control' of the coin if they do not already possess it. Coins should not be awarded 'willy nilly'. They should be reserved for special circumstance where an official award is not appropriate.


    As of current no coins exist. As they are created and approved they will be crossed off the list here. If you wish to submit a coin for approval for a specific section, you may do so either by submitting a proposal or PMing the design directly to me. I retain final say on all designs.


    If you wish to create a coin for your own personal coin to hand out (a Commander's Coin) you may do so by submitting a Store Order. Creation of custom coins, if approved, will cost $500. Again, I retain final say on all designs.


    Designs may be submitting with the following guidelines:


    • Should look like a challenge coin (do a quick search, there's all sorts of types, and they're not always only circular)
    • Must be no larger than 250 x 250
    • Must be in PNG file type


    Questions may be directed to me personally.


    -Col Penny

    MEU CO

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