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    Addendum to 'False Statement' Policy

    Col Penny

    Attention All Hands,


    Section 10-7 of our Unit Policy deals with the punitive articles of our Unit. These are the various things you can be disciplined for here. We have made an adjustment to 10-7.7 False Statement. The current policy is as follows:



    10-7.7. False Statement
    Any member found to be giving false statements to include but not limited to; false claims of military service, false statements during investigations, false orders that are claimed to be given by another authority, etc. are guilty of providing a false statement.


    Adding to this, we will be adding two sub-clauses:




    A) Any proven act of Stolen Valor will result in immediate Bad Conduct Discharge from the Unit.

    B) Any proven act of 'catfishing' will result in immediate Bad Conduct Discharge from the Unit. 'Catfishing' will include the use of another person's likeness as portrayal of your own, claiming disabilities, lying about gender. This does not include having a disability but saying you don't, nor any case of gender identification. Catfishing with these acts is unacceptable, whether done for romantic purposes or to get an 'edge' or for none of these reasons.



    Stolen Valor has always been against our rules, and that goes without saying. However we felt the need to specifically state this in our policy.

    Catfishing has not been, though it goes against Common Sense of False Statement and simple courtesy.. and given the world we live it we feel it necessary to codify within our policies.


    Any requests for clarification should go through your Chain of Command.


    -col Penny

    MEU CO

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