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    15th Pack - 27FEB18 Update/Switch to ACRE

    SgtMaj Hoagland

    Attention all hands,


    The 15th pack has been updated; make sure to update your mods accordingly. Repo to be updated. One major change is that we will no longer be utilizing Task Force Arrowhead Radio (TFAR) and will be switching to Advanced Combat Radio Environment (ACRE2). TFAR has served the unit well since the transition to Arma III in 2014; however, as many of you are aware recently TFAR has become more unstable and started affecting unit operations. After testing, ACRE was found to be viable replacement for TFAR for the unit. Understand that this is a major change that will take time to get familiar with but once familiar ACRE will be easy to use in our operations.


    Some important notes about ACRE:

    • You will no longer need to manually install a plugin for Teamspeak. ACRE automatically installs/updates your plug-in when starting Arma III with ACRE enabled.
    •  You will no longer need to “set” the radio frequency but simply change to the appropriate channel/block as assigned (See below for Channel Assignments).
    • There are now three types of radios we will utilize.
      • AN/PRC-343
        • This is a short-range radio (~500m) that will be issued to Squad leaders and below. This radio utilizes 16 blocks followed by 16 channels. For example Archer 1-1-C fire team net is assigned to 02-04. “02” is the block and “04” is the channel. Each platoon is assigned a block, IE: Archer 2 is “03” block and Titan is “08”. This radio is only able to communicate with other AN/PRC-343.
      • AN/PRC-152
        • This is a mid-range radio (~5.5km) that will be issued to Squad leaders and up. This radio utilizes Channels 1 to 99. These channels are the same as the AN/PRC-117F.
      • AN/PRC-117F
        • This is a long-range radio (~20km) that will be issued to ROs/JTACs. Platoon HQs and up are authorized but not recommended. This radio utilizes Channels 1 to 99. These channels are the same as the AN/PRC-152.  


    • There will be no “alternate” channel setting for the radios. This means you will need to shuffle radios to be able transmit and listen to multiple nets with minimal delay. IE: A fire team leader will need to have 2x AN/PRC-343. One set to their assigned fire team channel and the other to their squad channel.
    • ACRE removed the “radio Slot’ for the Arma III inventory system. All radios will be in your uniform/vest/backpack.


    15th MEU ACRE Channel/Frequency assignments




    GySgt C. Johnston made some quick Tutorial videos to assist with radio setups and ACRE keybindings.


    ACRE Keybindings




    Misc Information


    Some of this may be confusing without being in game. You are highly encouraged to get in game and become familiar with the radios prior to operation. For any questions you should seek your chain of command first; however, a discussion/help thread has been posted in the Tun Tavern, located here. DO NOT POST on this command announcement.


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