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    Col Penny
    Attention All Hands,
    There was some apparent confusion regarding the last TFAR update, as well as some changes to the way it operates with Teamspeak. These are, most likely, what resulted in last night's issues of comms dropping.
    So. In clear black and white:
    The only authorized version of TFAR is:
    TFAR 1.0245
    Newly effective, the only authorized version of Teamspeak is:
    Teamspeak (32-bit)
    Teamspeak (64-bit)
    Updates to Teamspeak, even minor updates, are no longer authorized until further notice.
    Everyone must fix these, immediately. You need it fixed before the next operation. That gives you 3 weeks. There is no excuse to not have this done. Anyone out of sync with these orders will be subject to disciplinary action, as the failure to correct this on even one person will result in the same issues as last night.
    -Col Penny
    MEU CO

    Col Penny
    Attention All Hands,
    Since 2014, when the last CH-46 flew in the USMC and this unit, we have been operating the MV-22 Osprey. It is the central mode of long-range transport for the USMC. For us it has been a pillar... if a shaky one. The unit has always had a love-hate relationship with the bird, and its pilots. Today we end that relationship. The MV-22 is, as stated, intended for rapid, long-range deployment. For us this simply doesn't happen, leading to poor optimal use of the bird itself. That, mixed with limited use of the section, as well as shaky mod grounds, has led us to this decision.
    Effective 17JUL17 the MV-22 Osprey will no longer be an operational aircraft of this unit. All members of the detachment will be transferred, and staffed in to, the HMM-466 "Wolfpack" CH-53E Detachment. This will probably result in one extra aircraft for the detachment temporarily. The CH-53 detachment will be officially expanded to four operational aircraft.
    Since the Aviation Combat Element of the MEU revolves around the medium helicopter squadron, reinforced by other detachments, the name VMM-164 will remain. ACE will continue to be known as VMM-164 (REIN), and the ACE HQ staffed under that name, but there will no longer be an operational detachment of VMM-164.
    There will be an additional change to ACE, in efforts to increase productivity/opportunity within the section. Effective immediately, the numerical limits of those allowed to hold the MOS 7513 (UH-1Y/AH-1Z Qualified) will be removed. Those looking to be qualified under the 7513 MOS will still need approval by ACE HQ prior to entering the qualification process, but there will no longer be any limits to how many people may hold that MOS.
    -Col Penny
    MEU CO

    1stSgt Frey
    The S-1 Personnel Staff, Headquarters, and Command Staff of the 15th MEU Realism Unit would like to congratulate the following individuals for successfully meeting the requirements and approval for promotion. They are to be afforded the respect that accompanies their new rank, and will be expected to uphold their new responsibilities and higher standards as is appropriate. We wish them continued success in their e-Marine careers.
    Approved by the Command Staff, and effective 02JUL17
    Promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant (SSgt):
    N. J. Frost
    Promoted to the rank of Sergeant (Sgt):
    P. Caesar
    M. Frank
    Promoted to the rank of Corporal (Cpl):
    Promoted to the rank of Lance Corporal (LCpl):
    B. D. Stewart
    Promoted to the rank of Hospitalman (HN):
    Promoted to the rank of Private First Class (PFC):
    H. Paris
    Congratulations to all on behalf of S-1,
    2ndLt Frey
    S-1 Personnel Officer

    1stSgt Frey
    Having met the requirements for promotion, the following personnel have been promoted to the indicated rank effective 18JUN17:
    Cpl > Sgt
    Cpl Dawe
    Cpl Page
    LCpl > Cpl
    LCpl Deaza
    LCpl Devore
    LCpl Hetzel
    LCpl N. Hernandez
    PFC > LCpl
    PFC Stephenson
    PFC S. Tullo
    HA > HN
    HA D. Sullivan
    Pvt > PFC
    Pvt Carlson
    Pvt Marsden
    Pvt McGregor
    Pvt Olivera
    Pvt Z. Ryan
    Congratulations to all,
    2ndLt Frey
    S-1 Personnel Officer

    Col Penny

    15th MEU (SOC) Realism Unit
    Ten years ago today our doors opened. Ten years ago our story began. Aided and led by four able and wise men (2ndLt Savage, 2ndLt Schultz, Sgt Phillips and Sgt Tigernan) the saga that is the 15th MEU (SOC) Realism Unit began. Through trials and tribulations those four gentlemen planted the seeds and guided the beginnings of a monumental gaming organization. From June 21, 2007 to June 21, 2017 these hallowed halls have seen 3,200 individuals from around the entire world, all of whom have had the honor and privilege to call themselves eMarines of the 15th MEU (SOC) Realism Unit. From the unknowns and brand new members of today, to the legends and monuments of yesterday like Buckhana, Orosz, Hartman, Barton, Drumheller, Miller, Martinez, Starck, and Conrad... our history is a story, and each individual has their own.
    This unit is second to none. By that I mean... no one stands above. No one can contest our strength. No one can contest our lineage. No one can contest our excellence. This is exemplified by not only our time of existence... 10 years this day (3,654 days)... but by the amount of people who are still here two years, five years, or even nine years into their service in this unit. Even those who are not with us anymore are influenced and damned proud of their service here while they continue the virtual careers elsewhere and lead other units. Our influence is unmatched.
    Today we are a unit strong of 275 individuals in Active Duty performing various roles around this unit from administrative clerking, to tank gunner, to squad leader, to aviation detachment leaders, to MEU Commanding Officers. Of those 275 individuals.. each cohesively working together and melding themselves into the team of the unit.. I am overwhelming proud of each and every one. There are few honors higher than being able to call yourself a member of this unit, and that is not because we've lasted ten years or some sort of system we've enacted.. but because of the culture, family, and unit that all 3,200 people who have ever come through these doors have created. That is your creation. And you should be proud as hell about it.
    Today is our ten years. We've done a lot of great things in that time... over the next ten years we're going to do even more great things. We've tried things that worked.. we've tried some things that didn't. We experiment, we tweak, we refine. We cut when it doesn't work, and try new things. Recent additions to our unit and our hierarchy are already on their way to making this unit better than it was even just yesterday. You're all on a great ride, and it's going to continue to get better because of all of you. Keep up the great work we've all done over... let me say it again... 10 years of existence.
    Ooh-rah, eMarines.
    -Col Penny
    Commanding Officer
    15th MEU (SOC) Realism Unit
    Member #15M0077
    Enlisted 24FEB2008 (3,178 days in service)

    Maj D. A. Thomas
    OPERATION Rising Cadence 05-17
    24JUN17 (06APR17 in Game Date)
    Task Force LED
    25JUN17 (06APR17 In Game Date)
    Task Force A, B, TITAN, RECON (Recon mission classified)
    Cordocas, located in the Drake Passage on the Southern tip of South America is currently in a state of civil war.  The rightful civil government has asked for US intervention.  The President of the United States has granted this request.
    During Operation Rising Cadence 04-17, Task force Alpha succeeded in capturing the fortified town of Pepinal and surrounding territory.  Task Force Bravo was successful in attacking and securing the enemy positions south and east of Pepinal (OP Zimmer) and them moving to defensive positions north of the FOB at the land bridge.  Task force LED made a successful presence of force patrol through all captured territory ending at friendly FOB Claro.
    Isla Abramia
    Weather:  cloudy, rain likely
    Time of Operation: 2100 (IGT) LED, 2100 (IGT) GCE
    Vegetation in the area and its effects on visibility:  Ample vegetation for concealment
    Key terrain in the area: Ocean, vegetation, urban areas
    Important Tactical Control Measures:  
         Land bridge FOB [038,059]
         FOB Medvedovo [008,064] 
    Enemy forces
    Time: 1500 (IGT)
    Land bridge FOB [038,059]
    One (1) infantry company and one to two tank platoons.  *note probable staging area for enemy counter attack
    FOB Medvedovo [008,064]
    Estimated garrison of one to two motorized infantry companies, approximately one armored battalion, two to four missile boats, one helicopter squadron, and two fixed wing squadrons. An EWR has also been confirmed to be located roughly 200 meters north of FOB Medvodovo.  *note Reinforcements have been seen arriving at FOB Medvedovo.
    Possible insergent cell from NRC ~3-5 individuals.
    Unit: New Republic of Cordocas (NRC)
    Activity:  defending
    Location: IVO  Northwestern Abramia
    Equipment: OPFOR (NRC) are dressed in a standardized uniform consisting of, M10 fatigues (Digital), a Carrier Lite vest (typically Green), a M97 (Digital) Helmet, and airborne forces use Night Vision Goggles, infantry weaponry consisting of Smoke Grenades, M67 Frag Grenades, HK G36KV Assault Rifle, HK G36C Carbine, M16A4 Assault Rifle, M24 Sniper Rifle, M249 light machine gun, M9 Pistol, M72 LAW, RPG-7, and FIM-92F Stinger.
    Capabilities and Limitations:
    Defend: The enemy is likely to defend as USMC presence known.
    Reinforce: The enemy can reinforce from the west and south
    Attack: The enemy can attack with at least an 2 Infantry Companies. 
    Withdraw: The enemy can withdraw to the south.
    Delay: The enemy will likely attempt to delay when attacked.
    Enemy Most Likely Course of Action: (EMLCOA)
    The enemy forces have now been alerted to USMC presence in the AO.  It is expected that the enemy commander will marshal forces to push into USMC controlled areas at the earliest opportunity.  Enemy forces are currently building fortifications and calling up reinforcements.
    Supporting Units:
    1x Battery RUC 105mm Howitzers   
    LED HQ
    Sabre (2x Squad)
    EOD (1x Squad)
    Rifle Platoon (1x Rifle platoon)
    Weapons Platoon (1x Weapons attachment)
    GATOR (as determined by HQ)
    ACE (as determined by HQ)
    Rifle Platoon (1x Rifle platoon)
    Weapons Platoon (1x Weapons attachment)
    GATOR (as determined by HQ)
    ACE (as determined by HQ)
    Titan Platoon (1x M1A1 platoon)
    ACE (as determined by HQ)
    Task Force LED
    When: 6/Apr/17 2100(IGT) (June 24th 2017)
    Who: Task Force LED
    What: Presence of force, humanitarian aid, ordinance disposal
    Where: Pepinal
    Why: Win hearts and minds of local populace.
    Task Force 1
    When: 6/Apr/17 2100(IGT) (June 25th 2017)
    Who: Task Force x1
    What: Attack Airfield west of Medvodovo
    Where: IVO FOB Medvodovo
    Why: Secure enemy airfield for future USMC use
    Task Force 2
    When: 6/Apr/17 2100(IGT) (June25th 2017)
    Who: Task Force x1
    What: Attack FOB Medvodovo
    Where: IVO FOB Medvodovo
    Why: Capture and clear the city of Medvodovo and the adjacent sea port.
    Task Force Titan
    When: 6/Apr/17 2100(IGT) (June25th 2017)
    Who: Task Force x1
    What: Attack by fire the FOB at the land bridge
    Where: IVO FOB land bridge
    Why: Deny the enemy the use of this FOB as a staging area for attacks to the Northern battle area.
    Commander's Intent:
    It is my intent to use two task forces to attack and clear enemy forces from the peninsula housing FOB Medvodovo, the airfield and sea port via amphibious landing at the northern tip of the area.  It is also my intent to use one armored platoon to attack the FOB on the land bridge from a distance along with ACE CAS aircraft to render the FOB at the land bridge ineffective for use as a staging area for attacks into the northern battle area.  Lastly, I intend to use the LED platoon to clear possible insurgent activity and unexploded ordinance from our rear while sowing good will with the indigenous people.
    Enemy Key Strength:
    The enemy forces in the land bridge FOB are preparing to attack into the northern battle area, while strong forces in the area of FOB Medvodovo continue to mobilize for counter attacks.
    Enemy Key Weakness:
    The enemy is in known positions with limited freedom of movement. 
    Exploitation Plan:
    BLUFOR will attack and destroy enemy forces through fire and close combat.
    At the completion of this mission, BLUFOR will have successfully captured all enemy territory IVO Medvodovo to include the city, airfield and sea port, successfully thwarted the threat of counter attack from the land bridge and assisted the local populace.
    Scheme of maneuver:
    Task Force LED -
    Task force LED will spawn at OP Claro [049,087], move by convoy to Pepinal and conduct operations.
    Task Force Titan-
    Task force Titan will spawn at a staging area move to attack by fire positions and engage enemy forces at the land bridge.
    Task Force 1-
    Task force 1 will spawn at a staging area load on Gator and land amphibiously on the north western part of the peninsula attacking south to the airfield.
    Task Force 2-
    Task force 2 will spawn at a staging area load on Gator and land amphibiously on the North Eastern part of the peninsula attacking south into the city.
    Fire Support Plan:
    RUC 105mm artillery will be available every twenty (20) minutes to provide x5 HE or smoke.  Contact Zeus to request this support.
    Maps and Images;
    AO Overview
    Current battle map

    Red line represents threat range of heavy OPFOR AA and AAA that will destroy any ACE aircraft that crosses over.
    Area between Red line and Orange line represents contested airspace.

    Motor Pool - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EtbvVacPyUqR9ArBRqCxIJa5ruhH-fCR5ua8y4-zztI/edit#gid=646443889
    Download the map of Isla Abramia v1.8
    Unit Download
    Run the required 15th MEU Mods IN THE FOLLOWING ORDER.
    @CBA_A3  (Version 3.2.1)
    @Task_Force_Radio  (Version 1.0 RC 235)
    @CUP_Terrains_Complete  (Version 1.3.0)
    @RHSAFRF  (Version 4.2.2)
    @RHSUSF  (Version 4.2.2)
    @RHSGREF  (Version 4.2.2)
    @RHSSAF  (Version 4.2.2)
    @15thACE  (Version 12/APR/17)
    @15thMEU  (Version 3/APR/17)
    @15thAmmo  (Version 3/APR/17)
    @abramia (Version 1.8 )
    @15thOPFOR (Version 3/APR/17)
    Any authorized client side mods
    Medical plan
    Self-aid, Buddy aid, Corpsman aid
    Enemy prisoners of war (EPWs):
    Any unit that captures a prisoner of war will follow all rules of armed conflict and treat the prisoner humanely. Search, silence, segregate, safeguard, and tag all EPWs and bring them to the senior leadership.

    Capt Roberts
    Having met the requirements for promotion, the following personnel have been promoted to the indicated rank effective
    Cpl -> Sgt
    Cpl Hodos
    LCpl -> Cpl
    LCpl De Munck
    LCpl Genna
    LCpl X. McGuire
    LCpl D. L. Nguyen
    LCpl M. Santiago
    PFC -> LCpl
    PFC Loh
    PFC Millar
    HA -> HN
    HA Falling
    HA Perkowski
    Pvt -> PFC
    Pvt Barrett
    Pvt Daum
    Pvt Fabregas
    Pvt Matousek
    Pvt McGallagher
    Pvt Roe
    Pvt Sweet
    Pvt Wanner
    SNA -> 2ndLt
    SNA J. Freeman
    SNA Smyth
    Congratulations to all,
    GySgt Roberts
    S-1 Personnel Chief

    Col Penny
    Attention All Hands,
    The 15th MEU Realism Unit is a very large time commitment, that much is certain. Since our inception we have stressed weekly team trainings, coupled with bi-monthly squad trainings, monthly platoon training, and the bi-monthly unit operations. That is a lot of time required, all even before any additional duties one might volunteer for or be assigned to.
    Today we're going to make that slightly easier on everyone. Effective immediately we are removing two of those required team trainings. This will leave the requirement at two team trainings, two squad trainings, a platoon training, and two operations per month. We do still want everyone to be here at least once a week, however, to promote activity within the unit and team unity, so the required training level of the week will be established by the unit. The chart below should help illustrate this for all sections:
    Week 1
    ACE: Element (those detachments consisting of only one Element will train as a whole)
    Infantry: Fire Team/Team/Mortar Squad
    Titan/Gator: Vehicle
    Force Recon: Team
    LED: Team
    Week 2
    ACE: Detachment (those detachments consisting of only one Element will train as a whole)
    Infantry: Squad/Mortar Section
    Titan/Gator: Section
    Force Recon: Team (or platoon. As desired)
    LED: Squad
    Week 3
    ACE: Element
    Infantry: Fire Team/Team/Mortar Squad
    Titan/Gator: Vehicle
    Force Recon: Team
    LED: Team
    Week 4
    ACE: Detachment (those detachments consisting of only one Element will train as a whole)
    Infantry: Squad/Mortar Section
    Titan/Gator: Section
    Force Recon: Team (or platoon. As desired)
    LED: Squad
    The above chart represents only the breakdown for team and squad training. Platoon training for each element must be held in addition at some point in the month at the discretion of the Platoon Commander.
    Additional changes will be coming in two weeks for Weapons Platoon, who at this time still requires additional bi-monthly section training.
    Any questions may be referred up your chain of command.
    -Col Penny
    MEU CO

    Col Penny
    Attention All Hands,
    I would very quickly like to announce a new addition to Command Staff:
    Captain D. A. Thomas will be joining us on Command Staff, bringing his level-headedness, knowledge, and experience. We're very pleased to have him joining us.
    -Col Penny
    MEU CO

    Col Penny
    Eligibility list to follow

    GIVEN THIS DAY, 30 MAY 2017



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