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Approved and Not Approved Client-Side Mods, Eyewear and Facial Hair

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Approved and Not Approved Client-Side Mods

ShackTac Group HUD
Tao's Folding Map
ShackTac Stamina Bar
ShackTac Nametags
ZAM Nametags
9Liners and Notepad by Chief Wiggum
ACE Chestpack Mod
Stance Adjustment Mod
Deadfast's 3rd Person View

Not Allowed
Blastcore A3
Blastecore Tracers A3
MrF Rangefinder MkII
Speed of Sound
J.S.R.S. Sound (Dragonfyre EDEN)
LAxemann's DynaSound


Anyone running mods on the Not Allowed list will be punished, as they are on here for a reason (server performance). Any mods you are considering running and are not on this list are considered dis-allowed until they are sent up the chain of command and ruled upon.


These are the approved eyewear for use during official unit functions:

- All ESS Goggles (Normal clear and black, tan clear and black, green clear and black)
- All Shades (black, blue, red, green)
- Low Profile Goggles
- Sports Shades (Vulcan, Shadow, Poison, Fire)
- Aviators
- Spectacle Glasses and Tinted Spectacles

Not Allowed:
- All Diving Goggles (Except for FORECON diving operations)
- Tactical Glasses and Tactical Shades
- Square Spectacles
- All Ladies Shades
- Combat Goggles
- Sports Shades (Yetti, Style)

As a reminder, facial hair must be military regulation (i.e. small mustache only). Beards of any kind are not permitted.
Also, use of all eyewear and facial hair may differ depending on your billeting in the unit.

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