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S3 Training & Ops

The Road For Recruits

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The Road For Recruits

The purpose of this thread is to give current and future recruits a better understanding of the 15th MEU Realism Unit entry level career path.


In brief:

  1. Create a forum account.
  2. Apply to the unit and be accepted.
  3. Get in touch with your Recruiter and test your mods in an official server.
  4. Sign up for Recruit Training, Days 1 through 3.
  5. Complete Recruit Training.
  6. Choose an open billet and report into Headquarters for assignment to an active section.
  7. Attend team, squad/section, platoon/detachment, and Unit events.
  8. Attend Post-Recruit Training schools and Rifle Range.

1. Create a forum account.

Click the Sign Up button in the upper right corner of the web page and create a user account for the forums.


2. Apply to the unit, and be accepted.
Your first step toward joining the 15th MEU Realism Unit is to put in an application here. Below are some things to consider before putting in an application:

  • Minimum age requirement: 17 Years old. No exceptions.
  • Need to have Arma 3 installed. Your application will not be processed without a valid Player ID.
  • TeamSpeak 3 VoIP Client and working microphone/speakers/headset. You need to hear us, we need to hear you. You will not be allowed to begin initial training without these.
  • Ability to attend at least two of our unit wide events per month, held on Sundays from 19:00 (7:00pm) - 21:30 (9:30pm) Central Standard Time. Additionally, attendance of team, squad/section, and platoon/detachment events is required to keep an active status.


3. Get in touch with your Recruiter and test your mods in an official unit server.

It is necessary for all students signed up for Recruit Training to have their mods and TeamSpeak plugins working, prior to starting class. This is to ensure you and other students have an enjoyable training experience. If you are new to Arma, or need help installing your mods, it is required that you meet with a Recruiter to facilitate the setup and testing of mods. They can provide you with an official unit server to load in, check to make sure your mods are working, and help troubleshoot any issues. When your application is accepted, you will be given the name of a Recruiter assigned to you.


4. Sign up for Recruit Training, Days 1 through 3.

Recruit Training is a series of three, 2-hour long training sessions designed to teach the basics of being an infantryman in the 15th MEU Realism Unit. In the tradition of the Marines motto "Every Marine is a rifleman", it is a shared experience for all incoming 15th members that begins to teach players to work together as a team to achieve an objective. In the Phase 1 forum, you will find Recruit Training class threads and a calendar with the schedule of classes. You must complete Days 1 through 3 in order, but you can choose from any schedule to complete all three. Please sign up for each day, so the instructor for that class is aware you are coming. If your schedule changes, please amend your sign up to let the instructor know you're NOT coming. Then, sign up for a new class.

Show up for class at least 15 minutes ahead of class start, so that you can load into the server and be ready to go upon class start.


"If you're early, you're on time. If you're on time, you're late!" - Anonymous but wise Instructor


5. Complete Recruit Training

Don't forget to attend training, once you've signed up! Plan for a two-hour session. If you must leave mid-class, you will be given credit if you attended at least half of the class. You can preview some of the course content by reading the SOI Student Manual, but all of the information necessary to complete training will be given during training. Once Day 3 is completed, you'll be given further instructions for reporting into your chosen billet. Upon completion of Recruit Training, you will be given the 15th MEU(SOC) tag on TeamSpeak. This tag signifies you are part of the 15th MEU Realism Unit and serves as our "uniform" both in and out of game. Wear it with pride and respect of the long history it symbolizes.


6. Choose an open billet and report into Headquarters for assignment to an active section.

At the end of Recruit Training Day 3, you will be asked to choose a billet from the Currently Open Billets (see the list and descriptions here). Once your graduation is processed, you will have access to the appropriate forum to report in. If you have a desired Platoon/Detachment and Squad/Section, you may request it. Most requests are granted, however staffing changes occur often and you may have to provide a backup billet choice in case the billet you requested is closed.


7. Attend your unit's training events, and the Official Unit Events.

Before you join, make sure you understand the time commitment being asked of you. Attendance of one event per week is standard. Official Unit events occur every other Sunday at 1900 Central Time (all unit times are based on Central Time). Absences may be excused if you give prior notice to your Chain of Command. Too many unexcused absences will result in being moved to the Reserves. We understand life/work/play balance, and many members have very active family lives outside of the 15th, however all active members have made a time commitment to the Unit in order for it to function and achieve our common goals. 


8. Attend Post-Recruit Training schools and Rifle Range.

All GCE (Ground Combat Element) billets must complete Infantry Training Battalion. This consists of three schools, which are described further in the Phase 2 forums. Completion of the three schools is required for eligibility for promotion to Private First Class. Corpsman are required to complete Field Medical Training Battalion. All 15th members must also complete Rifle Range requirements and maintain them on an annual basis. All of these training events are scheduled on a monthly basis. The ITB schedule is posted in the Phase 2 forums, and the Rifle Range schedule is posted in the Rifle Ranges forum.


9. Have fun!

Regularly check the Game Organizing forum. This is a gaming community, and there is something happening in and out of Arma 3 ALL THE TIME! Join the Public Server; strap a rocket-launcher to your Ghillie-suited sniper loadout, and work with non-15th gamers toward goals in different Arma game modes! (Emphasis on work WITH each other!) There is something always happening here. Check the forums regularly and join the 15th Discord to keep up on the latest information.



S3 Training & Ops Staff


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