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Public Operation Overseer - 23APR22 @ 1700 




Server Info:

Server name: TBD
Port: TBD


OpOrd - 
Roster/ROE/Mods/Aircraft Available - https://bit.ly/37oJXbF (Check Tabs) 
Mod List:



23APR22 @ 1700
Location: N'Ziwasogo
Time & Weather:
1500 IGT (Weather: Sunny and clear.)



Our ship's radar has picked up a large number of helos going to one location. This is a possible major military hub, a depot of some sort or a remote firebase. It is urgent that we find out what this location holds. We have unconfirmed reports that the Soviets have sold more artillery to the local forces and command is concerned. Recon the general area around the village of Rusape and determine why there is so much air traffic in the area. Contact HQ once the recon is done and be prepared to attack the facility and gather intelligence if command deems this a viable target. This small village is not far from several sizable military installations so be aware of possible QRF forces. You will have to do a heliborne insertion somewhere in the area as we do not control the waterways yet and the locals still have a sizable, if outdated, naval presence.  Be advised, we still do not have any good indications on the enemy's anti-air capabilities.


ROE is as follows: Don't fire unless fired upon, don't fire unless positive ID on enemy forces, any civilian presence you will subdue and detain.
At no point will friendly fire or ass-hattery be tolerated. Anyone breaking these rules will be warned once, if they continue they will be kicked and banned from the server and any future funops that I plan.


EMLCOA: Hostile forces likely to continue offensive operations.
EMDCOA: Call for close IDF support. QRF from nearby military installation.


Enemies with near peer capabilities. Enemy Air, Enemy APCs, Enemy Armor, Enemy AA, Enemy Helos, Enemy IDF (Mechanized IDF, Mortar Teams).


b. Friendly Forces:
Task Force Echo will step off from newly established Airbase Mad Dog (135,110). Task Force Echo will conduct a heliborne drop in the vicinity of Rusape (072,225).Once in position they will gather intel on enemy helo movements and as to why there is so much air traffic in this area.


c. Attachments & Detachments:
Task Force Echo


d. Civilian Considerations:
Civilians are expected to be present in towns. Use of force will be allowed only if any activity is likely to endanger BLUFOR troops. Employment of high explosive ammunition within 200M of populated areas or on infrastructure IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Any danger to the task force must be cleared using proper priority radio calls. Pay attention and don't cause unnecessary damage to civilian infrastructures. 


Task Force Echo will heliborne into the AO using LZs determined at mission time. Once inserted friendly forces will move towards Rusape and begin intel gathering. 



a. Commander's intent:
Recon the village of Rusape for any hostile movements. Gather intel via multiple methods.


b. Tasks:
Phase 1 - Planning
Phase 2 - Heliborne insertion to AO.
Phase 3 - Task Force Echo secures immediate area before setting up recon and intel gathering positions.
Phase 4 - Any intel will be radioed up while in field for any further on tasking.
Phase 5 - Once the village has been reconned the Task Force will radio in an extract and return to Airbase Mad Dog.


c. Coordinating Instruction
All CAS and Recon, will be sent through the JTAC, callsign: Rogue. All Zeus requests will be sent to the task force commander, callsign: Baldr Actual.


All assets will begin at Airbase Mad Dog. All casualties (unless critical) will be attended to in the field. Those casualties deemed critical will be medevaced as soon as is tactically possible. All enemy POWs will be stripped of weapons then segregated until they can be picked up for intel and returned to Airbase Mad Dog.


a. Administration
All re-inserts will be done by air assets utilizing channel 70 on a 152.



a. Signal
Baldr - HQ 
Rogue - JTAC
UH-80/UH-60 - Phoenix
CH-47/CH53 - Phoenix Heavy
AH-6M - Striker


-Radio Frequencies:
Ground to Air Communication - 80
Air to Air Communication - 95
Landbase Communication - 75
Reinforcement Net - 70
Command and HQ - 13
Loki Squad - 15
Loki Alpha - 16
Loki Bravo - 17
Thor Squad - 18
Thor Alpha - 19
Thor Bravo - 20


-Smoke/Chemlight Notation:
A. Red - Enemy Position
B. Blue - Chain of Command Broken
C. Green - Friendly Position
D. White - Concealment
E. Purple - Mass Cass


b. Command
Location of command: TBD


Succession of Command:
Loki Team Leader
Loki Squad Chief
Thor Team Leader
Thor Squad Chief






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