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Operation Damnation Joint Operation with 3rd Commando Brigade - 09JAN2022 @ 1400 CT

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Roster updated.


5 hours ago, Pvt S. T. Murphy said:

requesting 1-1-b autorifleman or a machine gunner/ammo bearer for 4-1-b if someone else joins

@Pvt S. T. Murphy 1-1-B AR is taken, however I have placed you in 4-1-A MG as that has opened up. Let me know if you'd like to go elsewhere!

Edited by Maj A. Hansen
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@Capt Siddiqui While assembling the required mods I noticed that ACEX is no longer on my Arma launcher or in the 15th steam mod page. It seem to have been pulled from steam all together as I can't find it manually. If you can't find it either then I would suggest removing the mod from the required list so there is no misunderstandings shortly before join in

Edited by Maj D. Johansen
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10 minutes ago, GySgt Khadisac said:

Will not be able to attend, stepping down from 1-2-A FTL.


I'll take this position if it remains available.

EDIT: Lowhorn is stepping up, I'll take the position he vacated if possible.

Edited by 1stLt Karelia
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