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Operation Rolling Dawn Joint Operation with 75th Ranger Regiment - 16APR2021 @ 1800


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4 hours ago, Capt Graff said:



 here is an HTML file that includes all the mods required for this Joint Operation. Just download and drag this file into your Arma3 launcher.




NOTE: This Joint Operation will be using TFAR, Please make sure you install the plugin under your mods TFAR/Teamspeak folder. 



I would like for everyone attending to be on the 15th Teamspeak between 1700cst and 1730cst in Conference Room #1 From there we will move over to the 75th Ranger Regiment Teamspeak, Lounge channel:  ts3.tcgaming.org




For those of you who are not as well versed with TFAR, like myself, I had the good fortune of running into Maj Johansen who showed me the below steps: 

NOTE: Please ignore this unless you do not already have TFAR added to your Teamspeak. 

Step 1: Go to your Arma 3 Launcher and click once on the mod. Click the 3 dots to the lower right hand side to get to the next step. 



Step 2: Click on "Open Folder in Windows Explorer".


Step 3: Click on "I understand". 


Step 4: Find "@Task Force Arrowhead Radio (BETA!!!!)" folder and double click on it. 


Step 5: Find the "teamspeak" folder and double click on it. 


Step 6: There should only be one file in this folder, double click it and allow it to install to Teamspeak. FYI This will force you to restart TS so be prepared. Do not worry though, everything else stays the same it just adds the add on to your plug in list.  


Step 7: Ensure that the plug in has successfully downloaded. Make sure it shows as enabled and NOTE: "ACRE2" is recommended to be put on disabled while you are using TFAR so that the two do not conflict. 


Lastly, I do apologize for the long and large post. I added pictures because those always help E-Marines and Marines alike. It is only intended for those who are relatively new to this process or new to the unit in general. This should help reduce friction before the operation as I know prep time can take almost as long as the op itself. 

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Formatting and wording.
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49 minutes ago, Sgt Feuerbach said:

Unfortunately requesting to be removed from tonight's operation, due to maintenance at work I'm not going to be home until after operation load-in.

If MEU HQ will allow me to, I can take this spot and bump up mine due to the short notice.

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