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S3 Training & Ops

[READ FIRST] Important Information for New Recruits

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Welcome Recruits to the 15th MEU Realism Unit's Recruit Training Pipeline!

Please make sure you read through this as it contains a lot of important information regarding Recruit training so you can have a enjoyable and knowledge-filled time with us!

Are your mods correct? 
The welcome message you received from your recruiter states you need to have checked your mods with him or her, PLEASE DO NOT sign up for any recruit classes until you have tested the mods in an official server with your recruiter.
If you're holding up the class due to errors in any way, the instructor will ask you to sign up for another class.

If your recruiter can not make it online at the same times as you due to time zones or any other real life occupation, then please refer to this list and find a another recruiter who will be able to vouch for your mods in-game.
If for some reason, you are unable to get in contact with a recruiter or you wish to attend a day 1 within 6 hours, you may PM @Capt D. Johansen, as an absolute last resort.

If another recruiter gives you the "OK" then you're free to sign up to a class that suits you, while the recruiter who helped you informs your assigned recruiter that you're set and ready for an amazing time with us in the 15th!

Grooming/Facial hair
Make sure before you enter your recruit class to remove any type of facial hair on your character - It is recommended that this is done the first time you start up arma 3 with our mods. Marines are clean shaven and you should be too.

Sign up procedure
Make sure you use the correct sign up procedure that's colored Orange at the bottom of the sign-up thread.
If this isn't done correctly, you will NOT be assigned to your desired class until it is done correctly. Any questions about this can be directed to your recruiter, though it should be straight forward.

Road of Recruits
In this link, you can read the path you will be going through if you wish to have more detailed information before your recruit training class. This is not mandatory, but highly recommended and encouraged.

Time to sign up! 
Click the following link to sign up and make sure you read that post too as it will tell you all the mods required for your training class.
We are looking forward to seeing you with us and as a part of our brotherhood!


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