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S3 Training & Ops

Important Information Regarding Recruit Training

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Hello everyone,

Please read all of this before you sign up for one of our Recruit Training classes.


Sign up.

  • Classes and cycles may be cancelled or postponed if a minimum class size is not met. Instructors shall make this determination by who has signed up, so make sure you are signed up at least 8 hours ahead of class start.

Don't be late. Be prepared.

  • You must have your mods working when class starts. It is your responsibility to have all of your mods functioning before the allotted class time. Instructors have the right to cycle you out of the class if your mods are not set up properly and on time.
  • Make sure that you have the correct username (same as the one on the forums) on TeamSpeak. Instructors often take attendance directly from the user list in TeamSpeak and will record the exact name that is listed there. If that name is incorrect, you will not receive credit for your attendance.
  • If you are going to be late, inform your instructor beforehand.

Understand the class schedule.

  • Utilize the School of Infantry Calendar
  • All class times are based around current Central Time (either Central Standard or Central Daylight, depending on time of year.
  • We try to conform to people's different work schedules and time zone differences, but we can't accommodate everyone. If you can't make any classes because of time zone difference or work schedule, contact your recruiter.


Do not ask what channel or server you will be in. It will be announced over TeamSpeak before class, or just find the classroom your instructor is in.

What is EXPECTED of you the student.

● Completion of Recruit Training.
● Listen to your instructor during the course.
● There will be zero asshattery from the students. No firing on base, or after ENDEX is called.
Be present in a Classroom channel 15 minutes prior to class start time.
● You can not record any of the ITB, except with permission from the Instructor.

What is EXPECTED of the Instructors.

Be present in a Classroom channel at least 15 minutes prior to class start time.

● ITB Senior Instructors must be current or prior Infantry NCO’s/SNCO’s, Assistant Instructors must be current PFCs with 30 days of 03xx experience.
● ITB Instructors will give all students equal judgment and treatment.
● ITB Instructors will give all students the opportunity to participate and take charge of their classmates.
● ITB Instructors will not call students any derogatory names under any circumstances

Instructor Rights

● Instructors have the right to recycle anyone in the class that does not participate.
● Instructors have the right to recycle anyone in the class that interrupts the class. 
● Instructors have the right to Postpone or cancel their class in cases of emergency if no other instructors are available.

Instructors have the right to cancel or postpone a class or entire cycle if there are not enough sign-ups to meet the minimum size requirements posted in the class description. When this occurs, every effort shall be made to send a personal message to all students on the roster, informing them ahead of time.
● Instructors have the right to request that class not be recorded or streamed
● Instructors have the right to kick a student out of his/her class.

As a student if you feel that you have been mistreated during training, please send it directly to the Recruit Training Chief Instructor. Do not hesitate, there will be no repercussions.

Edited by Capt D. Johansen

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