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Operation Rolling Dawn Joint Operation with 75th Ranger Regiment - 16APR2021 @ 1800


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Available slot sign up sheet

Sign up sheet will be updated as staff is able.


Please post below what slot you would like to take. Slots are limited to billets you are currently qualified to fill, or below.

Pilot slots are for 1x Gunfighter 1, and 1x Gunfighter 2.



Four months ago, a thirteen year land dispute between the Russian and Turkish Government was ended when Russian affiliate paramilitary forces invaded and secured the island of Kefken. This island, primarily occupied by Turkish citizens quickly fell to the Invading force. 
Currently martial law has been declared on the island and the Russian government has refused to comment on or acknowledge the events occurring on Kefken. 
Reports claim over 2,500 paramilitary forces initially entered the region and numbers have increased daily. Turkish officials are requesting assistance from their Western Allies.
Following the rise of the conflict, NATO leaders met to discuss possible aid solutions. Due to the dwindling relationship between the Turkish and Russian government, a large western troop maneuver was quickly ruled out. Operation Rolling Dawn calls for the quick and quiet deployment of DOD elements already in the Area.



Russian-backed Paramilitary forces


Size: Platoon - Company Size

Activity: Defensive/ Garrison

Location:  Scattered

Unit: Paramilitary

Time: April 2021

Equipment: Russian small arms, Soviet Bloc weapons

Capability: Armor, APC’s, Static AA, Rotary Assets


Note: Intel is generalized, we know of the general size and asset composition, you will need to rely on active intelligence


Map Intel: 







Primary Objective: To eliminate the Ultranationalist forces in the area.


Secondary Objective: Kill or capture Sergei Pahinin





  • 15th MEU
    • Marine amphibious assets make ground fall and secure the town of Rashidah.
    • Marine elements push south along MSR Tampa, secure and eliminate enemy long range communication and outposts towers at OBJ IPA and Bud.
    • Marine elements continue avance south securing land North West of Taraji Airfield.
    • Marine elements coordinate with Legion assets and conduct a joint attack on the airfield.
    • Primary target for Western elements is OBJ miller, LKL of known paramilitary leader, Sergei Pahinin. 
    • Execute COK order on Pahinin and consolidate forces at RP Jerico in preparation for movement into AO Monica.
  • 75th Ranger Regiment
    • Army amphibious assets make ground fall and secure land North of OBJ Natty.
    • Army elements push south along ASR Atlanta, secure and eliminate enemy long range communication towers and outposts at OBJ Heineken and Natty.
    • Army elements continue advance south securing land North East of Taraji Airfield.
    • Army elements coordinate with Marine assets and conduct a joint attack on the airfield.
    • Primary target for Eastern element end is OBJ Fish, Goat, and Snake, which are currently being utilized as long range artillery outposts for embedded insurgents.
    • Secure the Eastern end of the airfield and consolidate forces at RP Jerico in 
      preparation for movement into AO Monica.



The CIA estimates 20-40 fighters at each location with an overall combatant estimate of about 2000. All locations have threats of small arms, RPGs, and heavy belt-fed weapons. Task Force Razor should expect a near conventional force in regards to numbers and training. 


Gunfighter assets will provide support for GCE 


Additional Objectives will be at the discretion of the Task Force Commander




JSOAC will be on standby to provide logistical support via air and CAS if needed to ground elements. 


The use of unauthorized addons and mods is strictly prohibited and punishable by kick from the mission


NOTICE to reinserts;

If unable to establish contact on reinsert net utilize group chat only to contact a member of your CoC for need to insert.  That contacted member will relay through higher CoC members requiring reinsert.  Only members of Platoon HQ or above should utilize Side Chat if unable to contact air assets.







DUI - Squad Radar







Enhanced Movement

3CB Factions

CUP Terrains Core

CUP Terrains Maps

Task Force Arrowhead Radio (BETA!!!)

Zeus Enhanced

Zeus Enhanced ACE3 Compat

MLO All-In-One Collection

CUP Terrains - CWA


CH View Distance









1. COMMAND; HQ will be located per their discretion


2. Signal;

  • Joint Nets
    • Command Net - 70 LR
      • Apollo (Zeus)
      • Archer Actual
      • Execution Actual
      • Warlord
      • Armor Elements
  • Fires Net
    • Primary 71 LR
    • Secondary 72 LR
      • Chaos
      • Havoc
      • Warlord
  • Archer Internals
  • Company Net 80 LR - added by Capt Graff
    • Archer 6
    • Archer 8
    • Archer 1-6
  • Platoon Net 81 LR
    • Archer 1-6 
    • Squad Leaders
    • Attached Armor
  • Archer HQ Net - 117 SR
  • Archer Platoon HQ  - 116 SR
  • Archer 1-1 Squad Net - 111 SR
  • Archer 1-2 Squad Net - 112 SR
  • Judge Internals
    • Platoon Net 82 LR
      • Judge Actual
      • Attached Armor
  • Warlord Internals
    • Pilot Net - 160 SR
  • Armor Internals
    • Armor Net - 150 SR


3. Operational Timeline

1740CST - Server Up

1750CST - Login (all non-TCG members meet in “Lounge” channel in TS a representative will be available to assist with MOD/TS issues)

1800CST - Server load in

1820CST - Command brief in TOC

1830-1845 - Unit level briefs, billet and kit assignment

1855 - PCCs/PCIs and loading procedures



Enemy Prisoners of War (EPWs)

Any unit that captures a prisoner of war will follow all rules of armed conflict and treat the prisoners humanely.  Search, silence, segregate, safeguard and tag all EPWs and bring them to the senior leadership.


Rules of Engagement (ROE)


All armed non-US personnel are to be considered hostile. 


Engagement of unarmed personnel (suspected spotters, etc) requires prior Task Force commander approval on a case by case basis. 


Due to the potential for destruction of culturally significant and historical structures, no air delivered explosive munitions will be deployed within 300 meters of any structure. No M1A1 main gun rounds will be fired directly at any structure.

Edited by Capt Graff
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Any rifleman/AR position. Any FTL position if necessary.



I apologize for my absence and any any difficulty it caused in the preparation for the operation.

Edited by LCpl Wenn
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