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  1. 08-17 TFB Ammo Boxes

    No ammo crates were placed at the spawn for GCE. Crates spawned by Zeus did not have the Arsenal. Boxes were moved by Zeus from Corium to compensate.
  2. Check your view distance settings for aircraft.
  3. So... This is a pretty long shot, but do you use Chrome? It was causing a host of issues for me earlier this week, and completely reinstalling it and all other Google software fixed some issues I was having with responsiveness. Like I said. It's a LONG shot, but also easier than a complete nuke and pave.
  4. If you're looking to add memory, I'd suggest just buying more of the same model you have. That way you shouldn't need to worry about any compatibility issues.
  5. Are you talking about the speaker icon? That's not a volume error indicator, that tells you what volume (whisper, normal, yelling) you are talking at.
  6. According to Johnston on Discord, the box is down. He'll be looking at it tomorrow morning.
  7. That means you are running mods that the server doesn't have. In this case, you need to remove part of your ST mod set.
  8. Looks like the server is running a newer version of the ACE3 pack. You'll need to obtain a copy of the correct version.
  9. It's possible you were mistakenly granted access to that board instead of the Banhammer.
  10. Talk to your CoC (Platoon HQ) or a member of S-1. They can tell you.
  11. Sit tight. S-1 has to process everyone manually, and it's a long process. You weren't missed.
  12. resolved

    Penny is mucking about.
  13. Anyone who wants to keep it alive, there's your chance.
  14. There's a thread in the waiting room where you need to report in.
  15. For S-1 reference: