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  1. *****Operational Immediate***** To: Headquarters USMC From: 15th MEU Operations Officer 6APR17- 1900hrs (Local)- Task force Alpha has successfully seized the fortified town of Pepinal and have moved to defensive positions outside the town. Casualties were light except for Titan which lost both tracks. Task force Bravo eliminated the FOB at OP Zimmer and swung South to stop a counter attack from the FOB at the land bridge eliminating 2+ enemy infantry platoons and supporting attachments. The Law Enforcement Detachment swept the route from Skelter to friendly lines. USMC contact with civilians frosty, many towns are in need of logistical support for basic humanitarian needs. Details to follow. Force Recon was inserted again into enemy territory to eliminate an enemy EWR site and gather intelligence. They have not been compromised. ACE assets report limited to no SAM presence but enemy fixed wing CAP and rotary wing CAS is present in force. ACE aircraft uptime at 93%. All casualties within acceptable limits. End message *****Operational Immediate*****
  2. *****Operational Immediate***** To: Headquarters USMC From: 15th MEU Operations Officer 6APR17- 1400hrs (Local)- Task Force Alpha in heavy contact from NRC Armored and infantry forces attacking from the West. Task Force Bravo successful in seizing EWR site and adjacent enemy FOB. Task Force Charlie held in reserve ready to move to relieve Alpha or Bravo as needed. Task Force Recon successfully raided enemy recon HQ capturing recon officer and material intelligence. Task Force LED successfully rendered airfield Voccu safe for USMC personnel and equipment while transporting five (5) EPW's to the rear for debrief. S2 indicates large enemy presence in newly constructed FOB on the neck, armor, infantry, SAM and logistics identified. Satellite pictures requested of site for comparison against current drone and HUMINT pictures. Kilo on orders to move West to hold territory taken by India, Lima holding the line in the South. End Message *****Operational Immediate*****
  3. *****Operational Immediate***** To: Headquarters USMC From: 15th MEU Operations Officer 6APR17- 0830hrs (Local)- All task forces engaged in direct contact with enemy forces. TFA and TFB moved from defensive position into attack posture. TFC assaulting enemy positions. EWR site destroyed. Enemy TOW missiles highly effective against BLUFOR vehicles. Airfield Voccu seizure imminent. Enemy minefield located but attempts to clear were unsuccessful due to enemy presence and size of field. Logistics train will move through alternate route. Kilo Company currently holding the Southern line. Lima Company in reserve holding Northern Island. Casualty reports to follow. End Message *****Operational Immediate*****
  4. Just to confirm, you are running the recruit server mods and not full 15th ones right?
  5. Capt D. A. Thomas Headquarters, 15th MEU(SOC) FPO San Diego, CA 92102 Patti- It has begun. Marines have landed on foreign soil and I was there at the beginning. Colonel Penny will be pissed when he sees I was in the first bird but I had to see with my own eyes the situation on the ground. I had to see how the enemy would react to fire, how they maneuvered and how well their command and control structure coordinates in the face of multiple threats coming at them at the same time. I was at a spot I felt crucial to the operation, right at the point of friction where RUC forces were retreating and NRC forces were gaining ground by the minute. We stopped them cold. I was surprised at the relative caution of the NRC commander in tasking his forces as we faced more of a probing attack than a determined one. I know they were not expecting such a strong blocking force but it looked like we got hit by a skirmish line rather that a balled fist looking to smash the final resistance of the RUC forces on the island. That is not to say we didn't have casualties. SgtMaj Masters was hit in an artillery barrage and knocked unconscious for a bit. I was moving through an area looking for him and almost stepped on him before I realized it was him and he was hurt. He was checked out by a corpsman and he is good to go. We sent forces to take an island to our north and blew up a bridge in the south to confuse the hell out of the enemy commander and we have a few more surprises planned. My main focus is keeping the momentum in our favor and keeping the enemy commander guessing. W are being relieved by Kilo Company and all of India will be moving back to Airfield Corium very soon so they can be further tasked elsewhere. I keep thinking of a quote I heard about the invasion of Granada - "We have two companies of Marines running all over the island, and thousands of Army troops are doing nothing. What the hell is going on?", this is what I picture when someone looks back on this operation. Our Marine all over the islands, popping up in unexpected places causing chaos in the enemy formations and plans. We will need to stay vigilant and watch for the enemy commander to do the same as he is confused now but will not stay that way long unless we continue to throw him off his game. I know you won't get this some time yet but I feel it is important for me to put this to paper. If for nothing other than to make sure I never forget it. I am fine and haven't even fired my weapon yet. Tell the kids I miss them and I will call as soon as I get satellite time. I will be writing my parents soon, let them know I am thinking of them. Dave
  6. *****Operational Immediate***** To: Headquarters USMC From: 15th MEU Operations Officer 6APR17- 0700hrs (Local)- At 0300 (local) elements of the Law Enforcement Detachment landed at King's Landing and successfully escorted Geoffery to Dragonstone. 0500 (local), Task Force Alpha secured the towns of Serval and Skelter following amphibious landing. Task Force Bravo moved to blocking positions west of TFA holding bridge following amphibious landing. Task Force Charlie moved to blocking position east of Yolandi following heloborne insert. Task Forces Bravo and Charlie report achieving total surprise on enemy forces. Task Force Alpha reports NRC forces expecting assault with AAA threat high. All Task Forces report high enemy personnel, equipment and material losses with minimal friendly casualties. All objectives met. Casualty reports to follow. End Message *****Operational Immediate*****
  7. I think Mr Harris is on the right track. I had a similar problem to the point I deleted my arma 3 profiles and rebuilt them thinking it would help (RIP all my money and gear from King of the hill and Wasteland). I finally figured out that when my son was doing homework on my PC he hit the game config button on my Logitech keyboard which disables the windows key. I hit the button and I am good to go now. Well, minus the profiles I was dumb enough to delete.
  8. *****Operational Immediate***** To: Headquarters USMC From: 15th MEU Operations Officer 06APR17- 0145hrs (local), RUS HQ has advised 15th MEU of one (1) battery of 105mm Howitzers (5 guns) attached to 15th MEU HQ for tasking in upcoming operations. This battery has reported to MEU HQ as "UP" and ready to begin support operations immediately. Due to the various objectives of MEU forces, this battery will be supporting each of the task forces as an "on call" fire support asset. The remaining RUS fire support assets are currently supporting the withdrawal of RUS troops to tertiary defensive positions. RUS forces are falling back at all points of the current defense line with heavy casualties. Exact whereabouts of Geoffrey unclear at this time, other than in transit from King's Landing to Storm's End, final destination reported as Dragonstone but no firm sightings as of this time. End Message *****Operational Immediate*****
  9. I have not had the issue at all...once you find a fix will you put it here so we can reference it if others have the problem?
  10. *****Operational Immediate***** To: Headquarters USMC From: 15th MEU Operations Officer 6APR17- 0000hrs, FR inserted into CTO via helocast. Data collected and transmitted to fleet and rebroadcast via satellite to HQUSMC. Package delivered and set to open at 0545 local. All personnel green, awaiting visit from Taurus. Recommend movement of Geoffrey to Storms End, winter is coming. End Message *****Operational Immediate*****
  11. Capt D. A. Thomas Headquarters, 15th MEU(SOC) FPO San Diego, CA 92102 Patti- We have been steaming for two days faster than I would have believed possible for a ship this size and we are close to our destination. I will be disembarking soon but I wanted to give you what information I have (that's not classified). No doubt you will hear of these developments before this letter reaches you so this will come as no surprise, the 15th is being tasked with the defense of a friendly government and our troops are ready. I spent last night walking through the hanger deck chatting with some of the troops, a pat on the shoulder here, a casual joke there while India Company was cleaning rifles, loading gear and generally getting ready to disembark the ships for an unknown period of time. The ACE pilots and maintenance crews worked around the ground troops getting the aircraft ready for action. On the Well Deck the AAV crews and LED guys were readying their equipment too. I spoke with Capt Wiggin (LED) and 1stLt Velten (AAV) and made sure their troops were squared away. All of the men are in high spirits but it isn't hard to tell the new guys from the ones that have been through this before. The old hands are quiet and speculative, some withdrawn in their own little world. Most of the new guys are excited and talking bravely about what they are going to do and how easy this is going to be. I know from experience that will end as soon as the first rounds fly. For the most part the older men and women have been giving good solid advice to the new joins, the MEU is ready for whatever we see. I may be out of contact for a while but I will write as often as I can. I spoke with 2ndLt Frey (S1 officer) and made sure the SGLI is all set, you and the kids will be taken care of in the event something happens to me. The Will is set and in the safe deposit box along with the title to the cars and the Bonds we got for our wedding...hard to believe it has been 25 years. I know you hate this part but it is necessary. Love to all, Dave
  12. Capt D. A. Thomas Headquarters, 15th MEU(SOC) FPO San Diego, CA 92102 Dear Patti and kids- Training with the Mexicans was pretty good, liberty in Acapulco was phenomenal. It was great talking to you and the kids and I have already sent the kids a box with some things I picked up for them...and a little something for you. We have been back on the ships now for a few days and we have plans to stop in San Antonio, Chile and if we do I will call from there. More later when I have more for you. Well, it happened, LtCol Alexander called an all hands muster last night and they pinned on my Captains bars. I thought we were going to get a briefing about what is next in the deployment but he surprised me with my railroad tracks. It was nice and the troops all had very nice things to say about it, which I appreciate very much. It really gets to me sometimes when I think how lucky I am to be surrounded by these guys and girls. They really are more of a family than anything else. Hey baby, I know it has been a few days and I had planned on sending this letter off but we had a few things pop up. We bypassed stopping in Chile and are continuing South at best speed. I don't know much yet but will let you know what I can when I can. Keep in contact with Mrs. Penny and make sure the phone tree is up to date, I have a feeling we are going to be needing it soon. Contact the wives of the Company Commanders and make sure they are in contact with their respective platoon commanders wives so all information can be passed to everyone as soon as it is received. We have been through this before, hell you're an old pro by now. Stay strong for the kids and the younger wives that haven't been through it yet and help them where you can. I'm going to be mostly out of the line of fire so our main worry should be the troops. Remember, morale is key for the troops, remind all the wives, husbands, girlfriends and boyfriends to write uplifting letters as often as possible, it can literally save lives. I have to go, I'm mailing this now. Dave
  13. Is this the first time it has happened? As in during the FTX last night? TFAR had a small update a week or so ago that was supposed to help the x64 change over, could that be part of the issue?
  14. 1stLt D. A. Thomas Headquarters, 15th MEU(SOC) FPO San Diego, CA 92102 Dear Patti and kids, It has been hectic getting everyone on the ships and all of the equipment stowed and ready to leave but we are finally underway. The ships are steaming South first, it looks like we should have our first liberty call in Acapulco believe it or not. We are scheduled to run a training exercise with the Mexican Marines next week and should have a day or two when it is completed to let the troops do some sight seeing. When that one is done it will be up to the CONPHIBRON Commander as to where we go next. Since becoming the Operations Officer for the MEU I have been watching trainings to get a feel for the battalion and specifically India Company. I think they are ready for anything that gets thrown at them and I know they will make us proud. It seems like the guys are all the same no matter what company you look at and I am seeing familiar faces everywhere. I guess that is the nature of the Marine Corps that since it is the smallest of the armed services, you run into guys you know from other commands. Looking around it seems like all of India Company 3rd Blt of the 1st Marines is made up of guys from the 2nd Blt or the 4th Marines. Isn't it funny how that works out? Anyway, I will call you from Mexico, doing the math you will probably get this letter the day before we get there or maybe the day after depending on how fast the Navy gets the mail bag off the ship. Let the kids know I will be calling and I will get them something from Mexico to send them. Love to all, Dave
  15. Visitors to our forum- It has been a time honored tradition that during the deployment cycle the troops of the 15th MEU Realism Unit (Special Operations Capable) write letters to loved ones detailing missions, activities and thoughts as if they were away from home for the 6-7 months of a typical MEU deployment. This helps with the immersion of the deployment cycle and has, at times been very humorous for members and at times very realistic as they sometimes reflect actual content of letters written from real service members when they were deployed into harms way. These letters have, over the last few deployments been posted in the more public area of our forum to allow the casual visitor the chance t get a glimpse of what goes on in a realism unit of our size during the deployment cycle. This thread will be the "Post Office" for our deployment which will begin in April. If you wish to become part of the unit after reading some of these posts or watching some of our videos, don't hesitate to hit the join button, We are always recruiting.