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  1. Check the recording device and see if it is chosen as "Stereo Mix". If so, disable Stereo Mix from recording devices. I had the same issue.
  2. Just a little reminder, on TS3 Channel description ace download link is outdated and it can lead to misconception.
  3. Disregard, NEVER stop using your antivirus software...
  4. As i said in the title, i can't run anything. I've tried numerous things i saw on the net. I'm having an error at boot "nvscap64.dll cant run, the spesific module couldnt found" I uninstall my gpu drivers in safe mode, reinstalled it couple times. I changed the .dll file with the one i found on the internet. I even reinstalled windows. I'm 2 steps away from punching my monitor. pls help.
  5. Loading times makes another reason to buy an SSD. It tooks about 2-3 minutes to load a Battlefield 3 map on HDD, about 10sec on SSD. For Arma, i noticed that there is no lag/freezing when you open your scope.
  6. Jets DLC just arrived at steam. Here is the SPOTREP.
  7. Whenever I eject from A-10 on recruiting server, I'm having a game crash. Any ideas?
  8. Check out your in-game TFAR volume options too. Where you can find this settings as follows: Configure>Game>Configure Addons>Choose TFAR. I'm not sure if there is an in-game setting for direct communication volume, but there is for radio volume and intercom volume. I can't remember if there is, just check it out.
  9. I'm not sure if you still have the issue, but it might be your windows lowering down your volume. Right Click speaker icon, select sounds, go to communication's, choose do nothing save your settings via hitting Ok button. I used to have this issue while using skype, it might be same thing.
  10. Just a regular snowman in Clafghan
  11. I've the same issue on Recruiting server, but It works fine on Standart modpack.
  12. @PFC A. A. Young @PFC Genna @Pvt B. D. Stewart
  13. It has been fixed on update 4.2.2 as far as I know.
  14. [b]Mission Name:[/b] All [b]Bug/Issue/Error:[/b] We don't have A-10's [b]Severity (Major/Minor):[/b] Moderate [b]Suggestions (If any):[/b]
  15. Pvt J. Garp chilling out on recruiting server