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  1. Actually solved the issue yesterday. You'll see them slowly start to creep back.
  2. Topic is locked. If you're a returning member please contact someone in personnel to be fixed up.
  3. Post here to check in to these new forums and await your permissions. Please make sure the information for your billet and section is Post-Gazette, not your current. Name (including initials): Rank: Billet: Section: Are you Game Admin Qualified: Additional Duties (S-Shops or Instructors): Link to SMF Profile (should have a u=[profilenumber] at the end):
  4. What was the solution?
  5. Are you having this issue on the server? What ACE are you running? 15th or vanilla? And what all mods? What mission are you loading in the editor?
  6. Remove the ace_fcs.dll.
  7. You should be able to change to Source Editor in the top left corner of the toolbar and input raw HTML there.
  8. This. If I wanted you to get to it directly there would be a link. That's the database of all the articles that are used as the permanent stickies, yes, but that exists only because it has to.
  9. Any 3.1 versions of TS3 should work. Since Teamspeak has decided to start updating every 1-2 weeks the minor updates are automatically cleared.
  10. Load in this order: CBA, TFAR, ACE, RHS, CUP Terrains, maps, client-side mods. (if this doesn't do it swap TFAR and ACE. I can't remember the more reliable method but I think they're interchangeable). Typically though being stuck on the loading screen is more about network problems than mod problems. Mod problems usually just boot you out.
  11. Click the circle next to the post (if you haven't posted in the topic) Click the star next to the post (if you have posted in the topic)
  12. Turn off BattleEye. It's not used and sucks shit anyway.
  13. You must register a new account and then check in to the thread in the Waiting Room. You may register through Steam or via normal means. Please get into the habit of logging in (after registering) through your email if you use the traditional registration method as your login name will change with rank changes (Steam registers will always be able to login through Steam). Use this link to familiarize with other details on the new site. Questions may be directed to me here or through Discord.
  14. resolved

    No need to freak out unless something like this lasts a long time.
  15. ITB

    Normally? Up to 48 hours. With everything going on? Give them some extra time. Should go without saying.
  16. Asked and answered.
  17. Looks like you found it but yes, you have to create a new account in these forums and then check in.
  18. Error on my part. I'll have it fixed today. Hopefully.
  19. Yes you will be able to get your tracker and bring it over. There's a link in the Waiting Room to the old forums. You might want to wait for your HQ to post a tracking topic, rather than making one however, and reply to that.
  20. ITB

    Any reports posted on the old forums will be processed there. They do not need reposted.
  21. Done. But for addition requests please use the Project Tracker
  22. Battalion Changes, Unit Shakeup

    Attention All Hands, Everyone knows over the last couple years our numbers have not been as strong as we want. MEU HQ and Command Staff has done everything possible to mitigate and overcome these issues. Many of you have weathered through these problems and done everything you can as well, to your own credit. Thank to your efforts we've been able to put off something we've not wanted to do longer than we probably should have. However with the release of 64-bit, and the general improvement of ArmA and modding in general, MEU HQ and Command Staff are now comfortable enough to make the move we'd rather not make, though it is at the current time the best move for the unit. On March 27th, 2017, we will be shutting down both Echo Company and Foxtrot Company. 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines Regiment will be rotated out of duty with the 15th MEU Realism Unit. Rotating into duty will be 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines Regiment and we will be standing up India Company. (In other words: Echo and Foxtrot Companies will be combining into a single company, and we will be re-designating our BLT and company.) The company HQ for this new company will be as follows: Company Commanding Officer: Major Keta Company Executive Officer: Captain Gaden Company First Sergeant: First Sergeant Hoagland Company Gunnery Sergeant: Master Sergeant Smyth Company HQ support staff will include both company corpsmen (HM1 (FMF) Perrault and HM1 (FMF) Ziegler) and will return to a single billeted position when either or both vacate. JTACs will also all remain without losing their jobs, but will remain at only three official billeted positions. The extra two members will lose their positions only through transfer (lateral or reserve), and those positions will not be filled. Platoons and platoon command will be mixed between the previously-billeted Echo and Foxtrot Company commands. Leadership will be as follows: 1st Platoon, Platoon Commander: First Lieutenant Karelia 1st Platoon, Platoon Sergeant: Staff Sergeant H. Mitchell 2nd Platoon, Platoon Commander: First Lieutenant J. Murphy 2nd Platoon, Platoon Sergeant: Gunnery Sergeant Cariddo 3rd Platoon, Platoon Commander: Captain Smart 3rd Platoon, Platoon Sergeant: Gunnery Sergeant Astrope Weapons Platoon, Platoon Commander: Second Lieutenant C. Smith Weapons Platoon, Platoon Sergeant: Gunnery Sergeant Cohrs First Lieutenant D. A. Thomas will be transferred to S-3 Training and Operations to take over the S-3 Officer position from Major D. Schultz, who will be moving the the Chief position. Gunnery Sergeant Frey will be transferring to S-1 Personnel Chief full time. Gunnery Sergeant Sierra will be transferring to S-3 Training & Operations full time. Any names not mentioned that are currently platoon leadership will be rolled into the platoon with first consideration for next commander and NCO leadership openings. Rosters for specific assignments of these new platoons will be posted by the new India Company HQ in the coming days. Along with these changes, because of the better performance of ArmA, mods, and 64-bit the unit's priorities will be shifted to filling 3rd Squads in all platoons. Force Reconnaissance will be remaining at their current two teams and will not lose any numbers, but they will be moving to operating on 2nd and 4th Sundays (the rest of the unit will operate only on 1st and 3rd Sundays, with the exception of LED and the Cadet Corps which will be operating on Saturdays like they do now). This will allow them to operate in advance of the main unit operations for better intelligence processing, as well as allowing them to more easily operate as roleplayers for the main operations. For the Aviation Combat Element there will be some changes as well. VMM-268 Red Dragons (MV-22), the base detachment, is being rotated out and replaced. The new base detachment for ACE will be VMM-161 Greyhawks (MV-22). Gunfighters (UH-1 and AH-1) will be unaffected, as well as Avengers (F-35). Warhorse (CH-53) will also remain unaffected for the time being, but they will be seeing changes down the line. Greyhawks (MV-22) will be reduced immediately to 3 birds but no one will be immediately removed from their positions. Greyhawks will be officially billeted at 6 positions, but anyone currently there that is 'extra' will not be removed, and instead numbers will be reduced through lateral or reserves transfers naturally. Vikings (F/A-18) will be the most heavily affect detachment. Vikings will be closed. No further transfers or assignments into the section will be accepted, however no one will be removed from their current billets. These billets will be emptied over time naturally through lateral or reserve transfers. After a designated amount of time has passed, however, and there has been plenty of time for everyone to make other arrangements, the detachment will be officially closed and the Nimitz and F/A-18 mods will be removed from our mod pack (this timeframe is yet to be officially decided but will be done between MEU and ACE HQs) Another section facing major changes will be S-2 Zeus Controllers. Because of the way we will operate Zeus Controllers are necessary, but currently they operate when their own section is not (ie. a Foxtrot Company member does Zeus Controlling for Echo Company operations). These positions are still highly needed. Because of this the S-2 Zeus Controller billets will become official full-time duty billets. They will be structured in a squad-like fashion: S-2 Zeus Controllers Zeus Chief (Gunnery Sergeant billeted) Alpha Team Team Leader (Staff Sergeant billeted) Zeus Controller (Sergeant billeted) Zeus Controller (Sergeant billeted) Bravo Team Team Leader (Staff Sergeant billeted) Zeus Controller (Sergeant billeted) Zeus Controller (Sergeant billeted) Charlie Team Team Leader (Staff Sergeant billeted) Zeus Controller (Sergeant billeted) Zeus Controller (Sergeant billeted) These billets will not be eligible for Category B promotions, but will still (as with all billets), fall under the One Up, Two Down Policy (maximum rank to hold the billet will be one rank above the noted rank, while the minimum rank is two ranks below the noted rank). Gunnery Sergeant Donado will remain the S-2 Zeus Controller Chief and will be organizing the filling of these teams. Gator, Titan, LED, and the Cadet Corps will be unaffected by these changes. Because of these changes there will be some adjustment to the deployment schedule. Originally slated to begin on 02APR17 this will, instead, be pushed back to 16APR17. The operation day for 02APR17 will be set as FTX 11-17. This FTX will be dedicated simply to allowing you all to get familiar with your new compositions on a full-unit scale. This mission will be R2P2 and designed and executed solely by the Task Force Command. Coinciding with these changes we will be officially launching the new forums. This week I will be opening it the S-Shops to transition over in preparation for the move (especially S-1 to familiarize themselves with the new systems). On 27MAR17 (the date noted above for the battalion changes) the new forums will be officially released, and the DNS will be changed. These forums will remain available for the general membership for the rest of the week (and FTX reports posting) to move any information they need. New registration will be required for these forums. We are not exporting anything. These changes are not easy to make. We all have done as much as we can to avoid it. But we are now at the point, and ArmA is at the point, that it is now better for the unit as a whole to make these changes, and make them now. Some of you have been asking for this for a while. Some of you may be discouraged by these changes. Some of you may lose your jobs and move down.. this is not a reflection on you. Senior guys are being forced to move down because of these changes and must go where is best for the unit as a whole. These changes are not bad. They do not mean the unit is dying.. just the opposite. Our unit will be made stronger and more prepared for any challenges ahead with these changes. MEU HQ and Command Staff remain dedicated to the welfare of this unit and its members. If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please seek out your current Chain of Command. They will have the answers you need. For the Command, Col Penny MEU CO
  23. Done. Also would have helped if I read the title, I suppose.
  24. Which S4? Mod, Mission, QA, Map?