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  1. Bayless, can we possibly have ACE spraypainting [tagging] added to the recruiting server? Insurgency is a classic search-type mission setup once we get into cache towns, and it would be incredibly useful to have as a tool to mark cleared buildings. I've heard quite a bit of people voice the same thing, and I don't think it'll be much misused. If it is, it'll just be addressed the same way as someone fucking around with something else they shouldn't. I'd really like my spray back, it's invaluable for search missions. Thanks man, that would be awesome. Good work as always, everything looks outstanding.
  2. Squad Picture while playing escape:
  3. OPRC 07-17 Task Force Bravo:
  4. Archer 4-3's Gun 1 training with Assassin on calls for fire with the 60mm mortar:
  5. "You Better Check Yourselves Marines" (as we spectacularly fail to fire on friendlies) ALSO THIS WEEK ON TRIPPY ARMA: FIGHTING IN HURRICANES
  6. NOBODY takes my Bowers.
  7. Khadisac blows everything up:
  8. Taylor learns to fly again:
  9. They are a total PITA, it's true. Only solution I've found is trial and error so far
  10. Sahrani Insurgency Accuracy appears unusually high for AI Minor Reduce accuracy on that template only slightly To clarify, I received a headshot at 800m from a standing machine gunner, the first round of his burst, while I was running. I then closed distance and received three consecutive impacts from a standing rifleman with an AK at 450m, no misses, while I was prone and slightly defiladed from his position. As soon as revived, I received another three impacts from the same or another rifleman at what sounded to be (from shot sound delay) at least the same distance. Basically... I'm a pretty capable shot in this game and there's nooooooo way I could make the shots they made with that regularity, especially in a windy environment against moving targets. Other templates seem totally fine, even Tanoa with its scary deadliness. However, Sahrani just seems to be dialed up a little far - I mean the only rounds fired in my direction that missed me in that whole engagement were the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rounds of the machine gunner's burst. I'd love to have e-marines that accurate... but I just don't think that's a reasonable expectation even for the best shots we have.
  11. Meeting with Elk:
  12. Bringing Elk into MCAS Trinity for the first time:
  13. OPRC 06-17
  14. Don't take our Whitcome.
  15. 15th MEU (SOC) Recruting Server Arma3Sync Repo Information Download Arma3Sync here. Repository name: 15th MEU (SOC) Recruting Server RepoProtocol: FTPHost or URL: 21In the login box put rsNo password A tutorial video: