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  1. 27inch version
  2. I as well suggest the asus vg248qe. I have it and LOVEE it. Have had it for about 2 years now, no issues, picture is FANTASTIC. They do make one 4k but its close to 700 bucks IIRC were the 248qe, now, is probably close to 200
  3. I got ya, was just curious if there was a reason other then SSD being better.
  4. @J.Norton why not? I have my OS on a 1tb, obviously its slower then an SSD, but am i missing something that makes you not want to put it on? or is this just personal preference?
  5. well, time to download the update and break my game
  6. i may just build that myself
  7. personal preference but id stick with intel and nvidia, can get a 4770 and like a 760 for a budget build. Using that link, I found this that would make for a nice starter PC, little more expensive then the one you linked but IMO its got slightly better hardware which is the price increase. Intel® Core™ i3 7100 processor 8GB DDR4 2133mhz RAM NVIDIA™ GeForce® GTX 1050 2GB graphics card 1TB HDD Gigabyte H110 motherboard
  8. Disable superfetch
  9. check spam, mines been going to my spam folder
  10. Operation Rising Cadence 01-17
  11. Old photos, New ones will be in next top down.
  12. Seems i got it fixed, I did a system restore to prior to 64bit. I did system restore, uninstalled arma, deleted ALL mods, Reinstalled arma, reinstalled needed mods, verified cache and went to sleep. Just tried to see if it would launch this morning, AND it did. I jumped into a server and had no errors. GODDAM HATE GETTING ARMAd.
  13. SOO it launches from system restore of 3/15/2017. But would not launch after the update.
  14. saw that as well lol, i know the thread your'e reading, driver is from 1/172017.. this after a system restore to 3/15/2017. going to try launching now
  15. yeeaa idk how i feel about disabling optimus, i did see that though and did the second suggestion, only driver out of date was my wireless driver for wireless router