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Interested in MOS 7599 - Student Pilot? PLEASE READ FIRST
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I seem to get anywhere between 10-20 PM's a week with questions about becoming a student pilot. I an attempt to preemptively answer these questions, I felt it prudent to outline the pipeline for 7599's. Here it is. All applicants please thoroughly read before attempting to contact me. Thankyou

1. Unit Application
The first step is obviously to apply to the unit, but how you apply is important. Due to changes to pipeline that took affect 2-3 months ago, No applicant will be accepted into the Aviation Combat Element (ACE) until they have completed the entire RCT Training Pipeline. This means that even though you may select "7599 Student Pilot" as your MOS on your application, you will be required to select a different MOS during Phase 1 of recruit training. If you wish to select this "alternate MOS" on your application asw opposed to "7599 Student Pilot" you may do so. Doing this will not affect your ability to join ACE if that is your wish.
2. Phase 1 - Recruit Training
Next you, as will all recruits regardless of their MOS, must completed Phase 1 of the Recruit Training Pipeline. Make sure that you have FULLY read your accpetance letter, and have completed all the necessary instructions as indicated. This will be essential for your successful completion of Phase 1. Failure to show up prepared for the class can and will often result in your dismissal from the class. If this happens you will need to sign up for another day. During Phase 1, you should promted to specify your MOS verbally. It should also be instructed to you that your verbal selection may differ from your application.
Your MOS selection will do a couple things. First off, 7599 Student Pilot is not authorized to be selected. You must select an MOS to hold until your transfer to ACE is authorized. Until authorized, you will be required to fulfill that role. Your MOS will determine this role as well as which branch of PHASE 2 you must complete. Choose Wisely.

3. PHASE 2 - School of Infanrty (SOI)
Next you must complete PHASE 2 of Recruit Training which is SCHOOL OF INFANTRY. Every member of the unit is required to complete this phase prior to attaining active duty status. SOI is broken down into 3 branches, and the MOS you have selected determines which branch you must attend. The branches and their asociated MOS is outlined bellow

Infantry Training Battalion (ITB) - 0311 Rifleman, 0331 Machine Gunner, 0341 Mortar Man, 0351 Assault Man
Marine Combat Training (MCT) - 0811 Field Artillery Cannoneer, 1812 M1A1 Crewman, 1833 AAV Crewman, 2336 EOD Technician, 5811 Military Police, 7599 Student Pilot <----- this is specified in order to define the minimum training required to transfer. DON'T LET THAT CONFUSE YOU
Fleet Medical Training Battalion (FMTB) - HM-8404 Corpsman

In order to successfully transfer to ACE as a Student Pilot you must complete either ITB or MCT. Completing either one of these phases will complete the requirements needed to enter ACE at the entry level of Student Pilot. FMTB DOES NOT. Once completing FMTB, you will be required to then go back and obtain MCT at a minimum prior to being allowed to transfer. As FMTB is only requred for Corpsman, selecting any MOS other than Corpsman will not require additional training prior to tranfering

4. Requesting Transfer to ACE
Now that you have completed the Recruit Training Pipeline, the only thing standing in your way in "Requesting a Transfer to ACE". To properly do that you simply make a post in the following thread ( BE AWARE, that you will not be able to post nor view this thread until you have completed PHASE 1 of the Recruit Training Pipeline. The title of the post should be "NAME requesting transfer from CURRENT ASSIGNMENT to ACE". In the body of the post, YOU MUST SPECIFY WHICH DETACHMENT YOU WANT TO TRANSFER TO. Failure to do this will VOID your request. The following rules govern transfer requests
  • Vacancies are filled on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. This means that the first person to request a vacant position will get the spot regardless of tenure. ACE does not hold billets, unless there is an extenuating cirmustance (such instances must be approved by me personally). THEREFOR, ANYONE WHO TELLS YOU THAT YOU MAY HAVE A POSITION IN ACE PRIOR TO BEING ELIGIBLE TO FILL SAID POSITION IS LYING TO YOU (unless that person is me ;) ).
  • All transfers into ACE require approval from both your current supervisor, and ACE prior to being authorized. Since transferring to ACE means that you will have to be elligible to be an Officer , I require a full performance review of a member prior to them being allowed into ACE. IN SIMPLISTIC TERMS, I AM TELLING YOU THAT IF YOU CAUSE TROUBLE, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED INTO ACE. I retain the right to remove anyone from ACE who is deemed unfit to be an officer.
  • You are NOT permited to request a transfer unil you complete PHASE 2 of Recruit Training.

5. Report Into Flight School
If a vancy exists and you have requested a transfer into that position in accordance with the rules listed above, you NOW reserve that position. Once S-1 processes your transfer, It is finalized and you officially become a part of ACE. The final thing to due is to report into Flight School here ---> . The ACE Air Operations Officer (Capt Cook) will then reply to your post with your next step.
Hope this makes things a little easier to understand.

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Re: Interested in MOS 7599 - Student Pilot? PLEASE READ FIRST
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There have been some cases of confusion and misunderstanding on this information recently, so I want to make this clear to anyone who wishes to join ACE. In case you need it spelled out, and the diagram confuses you:

The First Phase of the Student Pilot Program involves you completing a simple ACE policy quiz after reviewing our policy document, some tag-alongs at both ground and air trainings (so you have some exposure to multiple parts of the unit), and your first CPLC courses. If you've been in the GCE or another ground component prior to transferring to ACE, those trainings and operations you attended count. This phase can be completed in just a couple of days, if not hours if you manage to get processed into ACE on a day where multiple ACE detachments are training.

Second phase of the Student Pilot Program involves four "days" of ground-school, each in actuality about an hour of lecture and/or demonstration by a flight instructor, two more NCO Academy courses (CPLC 103 and SGTC 202) and five flight hours on your log, four of which can be solo and in the editor, and one of which must be with a qualified pilot sitting beside you and coaching you, preferably on topics covered in ground school. This phase can be completed in a week provided you find a willing flight instructor. Be nice to the guys you meet!

The third and final phase of the Student Pilot Program is where you earn your qualification on the airframe you've chosen, complete your check-ride, your final SGTC course, twenty solo hours (which again can be in the editor), four hours of instructional flight with a qualified pilot acting as coach (probably an instructor pilot from your detachment) and two operations or FTXes as the pilot-in-command of a detachment aircraft. After that point, with the required time-in-flight-school completed, you can be promoted to 2ndLt(T). This phase is the most variable in its length, depending on the availability of instructors and your skills as you start the process of mastering your detachment aircraft. It is not unheard-of for student pilots to complete this phase and earn their qualifications in as little as a week.

As a 2ndLt(T), your responsibility will be to grow in skill with your detachment aircraft and to complete The Basic School, which is the professional training school for anyone wishing to be an officer in the 15th MEU. TBS is different from other professional courses up to this point, in that you must wait for a class to be announced and then simply show up on time where the instructor has asked students to be. This process requires you to show some maturity, which is a required trait of anyone wishing to become an officer. After finishing TBS, you may be promoted to 2ndLt.

I want to stress that the only aspect of this training pipeline that is dependent on the amount of time you've been there is your promotion to 2ndLt(T). You can make it through the other parts of the training pipeline and become operationally-qualified in as little as two weeks, if you work hard at it. Most do not, either because they simply do not have the time to go through the material that quickly, or because they have some skills they need to earn before they are qualified, and that can take time and coaching. Neither is an indictment on you as a potential flight officer in the 15th. This pipeline is extensive for many very good reasons, not least of which is the end result we wish to have when you're done and sporting your new gold bars: a qualified, competent, active and mature flight officer.
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