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+1 to the above, it just crashed about an hour ago for the same reason.

Mission Name: Chernarus
Bug/Issue/Error: Aircraft respawn appears to have failed - all helicopters fail to respawn once left elsewhere or destroyed.
Severity (Major/Minor): Moderate
Suggestions (If any): If respawn is by module, verify module synced to entities requiring respawn. If not, you know better than I what script call may have failed or delayed.

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PBO Check added to maps (read more below)
Restricted Pilot seats and crew seats of aircraft to Pilot Slots
Added MHQ
Removed Civilians/suicide bombers

this checks that your mods are the same as what the server has or are on a white list of pbos allowed. The approved clientside mods as well as Enhanced movement and all our maps have been added to the whitelist. If you find a big red box on your screen it DOES NOT mean your ACE is outdated, check the pbo messages in the bottom left and ensure your not running extra mods or outdated mods. A large amount of our recent server freezes are due to people connecting with an old version of CUP Terrains and CBA.

Mission Name: Various 15th Insurgency Maps (Sahrani, Chernarus, Clafghan)
Bug/Issue/Error: All boxes are empty and no Arsenal option exists. Additionally, the other client reported a missing SuicideBombers.eof error despite suicide bomber removal.
Severity (Major/Minor): Major
Suggestions (If any):

fixed it.
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Server Information / Re: Recruiting Server restart required
« on: March 04, 2017, 05:07:30 PM »
Server had a mishap with mod updates, mods are now good to go and server is running.
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=Fixed M1A1 version to M1A1SA Tusk I
=Fixed marker with 15th ts information to reflect easier address.
=Fixed loadout script leaving Mortar rearm action on vehicle after using the vehicle loadout area:

=Improved the init script by cleaning it up and removing lots of old code that was no longer needed, speeding up mission start
   lots of old scripts had been commented out for quick refrence but never removed, these got removed in addition to scripts
   being moved around in order of how they init to give priority as it was needed by task
=Added Tankspawn script by Buchanan

=Removed m1083 transport truck
=Removed Rec_lom script
=Removed several unused pictures
=Removed several unused scrips
=Removed EPD(IEDS)

=Updated VComAI

=Fixed Littlebird being synced to FRIES module when it should not have been
=Fixed marker "altis ATC" to say "takistan ATC"

=Added M1A3 Buck I (probably never knew it was gone

=Fixed Titans floating in air at spawn

=Removed AT a-10 varient

Al Rayak
=fixed titan spawning clipped into hbarriers
=fixed "altis ATC" to say "Incirkli ATC"
=fixed indipendent faction hostility from neutrel to hostile with bluefor

=changed a10 AT to CAS

=Added FRIES system(dont know how I missed it the last two times)

=Fixed an issue that caused the mission to require the ace_rhs_optionsals pbos for usaf and afrf
=Fixed Fries being synced to the littlebird
=Fixed RG33L synced to aircraft respawn module
=Fixed Titans floating in air at spawn
=Fixed marker "altis ATC" to say "Chernarus ATC"

=Added second RG33L

=changed a10 AT to CAS

=fixed titan spawning clipped into hbarriers
=fixed RG33L spawning clipped into hbarriers
=Fixed marker "altis ATC" to say "Prozakhar ATC"
=Fixed several misplaced markers
=Fixed size of safezone around FOB
=Fixed Fries being synced to the littlebird

=changed a10 AT to CAS

=Fixed an issue that caused the mission to require the ace_rhs_optionsals pbos for usaf and afrf
=Removed the ATC channel marker from map(no atc on the map)

=Fixed marker "altis ATC" to say "Pita ATC"

=Added second RG33L
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Server Information / 15thMEU Recruit Server Repo
« on: February 02, 2017, 07:16:46 AM »
I am glad to announce the SSgt C. Johnston has been hard at work and provided us with a repo for the recruit server and its mods. This will hopefully make being on the right mod set be easier.

The relevant information can be found below

Repository name: 15th MEU (SOC) Recruting Server Repo

Protocol: FTP

Host or URL:

Port: 21

In the login box put rs

No password

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Mod Updates


Mission updates,
All Missions updated to new mods
All missions box switched to Virtual Arsenal
New RHS RG33L added to all maps
EPD removed(suspected cause of recent server hangs)
TFAR no radio on spawn moved from init to module
Possible rules tab fix on takistan

Added new M40
Added glock suppresor
Added two new optics
Added correct m249 ammo boxes

Possible bug with vcomai discovered(testing)
Updated vehicle loadout script to no longer give vanilla arma 6.5 ammo and instead give the proper 200rnd belt for the m249
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This is being put into place coming next mission updates(thursday morning)

except for the forward observer net, I agree with the fact that we dont see them enough, if at a later date this shows to be untrue I will add it.
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Server Information / Recruit Server Feedback
« on: January 14, 2017, 09:20:56 PM »
If you would like to help out and have a spare moment I made a Feedback Survey for the Recruit Server and am looking for opinions so far before moving forward on my next updates.

Survey It does not track your email, name, or any other information its completely confidential.

Note the fields that say other have a spot for you to type in after them.
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Happy thanksgiving to all the public members that play here. Thank you, for your support and go spend time with your family today.
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So,  to clarify, the artillery computer GPS item is a non ammo box item? And cannot be added?

Mortars have a built in artillery computer when you get into the gunner as part of the scroll wheel.

If you're talking about the android device that functions as a GPS and allows you to draw a line from your position to a target and gives you that location's elevation, distance, and azimuth along with grid, that's part of cTab.

which is in the 15th pack so something we cant have on the recruit server. It has to be part of RHS or base arma.
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Nogovo 1-2 uploaded
Fixes cache spawn in base
Add anti-air
Add static weapons
Fixed Grids not turning Green
Added Little Birds
Added Repair module to allow vehicle repairs

Cherno 1-7
Add Repair Module to allow vehicle repairs
Add Little Birds
Add Static Weapons
Add AA

Takistan 1-9
Add Armor vehicles
Fix Bradley respawn
Add AA
Add Static Weapons
Add Little Birds
Add repair module

Changed F-22 to A-10(f-22 lack of ground attack ability)
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Server Updated
ACE 3.8

Missions updated
Takistan added more vehicles

All Missions
Added Bradley fighting Vehicle
Added RG-33
Removed A-10
Removed Little Birds
Added F-22
Added Ace Advanced Grenade Throwing
Added and Disabled Ace Advanced  Stamina system

Added Misson
Nogovo Insurgency(currently wont load expect fix later today)
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15th MEU (SOC) Realism Unit Recruiting Server Information and Bug Report Thread
Server Name: 15th MEU (SOC) Official Recruiting Server |RHS| |TFAR| CBA| ACE| CUP|
Password: tangent

This Thread Last Updated: 02 FEB 2017

Color Codes:

Green = Working, minimal bugs
Orange =  Some bugs, still playable
Red = Unworking, mission is not playable

ArmA 3 Recruiting Server Missions:

1 - Altis
Altis Insurgency V1.9

2 - Takistan
Takistan Insurgency V1.12

3 - Chernarus
Chernarus Insurgency V1.10

4 - Sahrani
Sahrani Insurgency V1.3

5 - Kunduz
Kunduz Insurgency V1.3

6 - Clafghan
Clafghan Insurgency V1.3

7 - Al Rayak
Al Rayak Insurgency V1.2

Mods Required:
CBA_A3 3.2
RHS USAF 4.2.1
RHS AFRF 4.2.1
RHS GREF 4.2.1
RHS SAF 4.2.1
CUP Terrains
ACE 3.9

Additional Maps
Al Rayak

Mods Recommended ArmA 3

Task Force Arrowhead Radio 1.0RC217

Mod Problems, Check out this guide:;topicseen

AmmoBox Request can be submited Here

If you experience an issue or bug on the server, please utilize the below format and post it as a reply here

Code: [Select]
[b]Mission Name:[/b]
[b]Severity (Major/Minor):[/b]
[b]Suggestions (If any):[/b]


Sgt Bayless

Server Rules
  • No Hacking or cheating
  • No Racial Slurs or sexist remarks
  • No Blue on Blue
  • Weapons Safe on base
  • Only Run Approved Client Side Mods(Refer to bottom of post)
  • Only 15th members may be voted as admins to perform basic admin functions
  • Pilots must be on TeamSpeak and using Task Force Radio

Approved Client Side Mods

ShackTac Group HUD
Compass and Watch Enlarger
ShackTac Stamina Bar
ShackTac Nametags
ACE chestpack
Advanced Movement

Not Allowed
Blastcore A3
Blastecore Tracers A3
J.S.R.S. Sound (Full, Lite)
MrF Rangefinder MkII
Speed of Sound
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