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Title: Joining the 15th MEU (SOC) Realism Unit *READ FIRST*
Post by: Col Penny on January 16, 2013, 10:43:32 PM

A step-by-step guide to joining the 15th MEU(SOC) Realism Unit

1.) Make sure you meet our requirements for joining:
2.) Read and Understand the Definition of Realism Gaming:

3.) Check the current open billets (http://15thmeu.net/forums/index.php?topic=28.0) posting for a list of open entry level 'jobs' within the Unit.

4.) Fill out our Application Form (http://www.15thmeu.net/forums/index.php?action=form;n=1). Do it right the first time; our recruiting team will appreciate it and your application can be processed faster. If you cannot fill out the application in it's entirety (missing PID, etc.) then don't submit it. Wait until you have all of the required information please.

5.) Wait patiently. We have real lives, real jobs and real commitments to many other things outside of this Unit. Your application will be processed as quickly possible. Sometimes that is an hour, sometimes it's a few days. Please make sure that you have Private Messaging enabled in your user profile. This helps us contact you when we need to.

6.) If you've done everything correctly up to this point then you should see an "application accepted" message on your application, as well as a private message or two giving you instruction on the next steps to becoming a member. Follow these instructions, ask questions when you need to, and have fun!